Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Meet and other Google services are facing service outages (See update below). The problem seems to have affected many users around the world. Several users on social media reported having problems sending emails via Gmail and uploading files on Google Drive. In addition, some users face connection problems when using Google Docs and Google Meet. The problem seems to have appeared this morning. However, Google is still investigating the outage and has not provided any specific details.

Update (5pm U.S. Standard Time): According to Google, Gmail, Drive, Meet and other Google services have been restored for everyone.

Google wrote on the G Suite Status Dashboard: “We apologize for the inconvenience.” “Please rest assured, system reliability is Google’s top priority, and we are constantly improving to make our system better. .”

In addition to restoring Gmail and other Google services, the search giant also revealed the scope of its service disruption.

The various Google issues people are dealing with today: Gmail sending issues, recording issues, file creation issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues posted in the management console, mail posting issues in Google chat, site issues adding new pages, retention issues, voicemail issues.

Screen capture of the G Suite status dashboard showing Gmail and other Google services outages today

The original story is as follows:

According to every user report on Twitter, multiple users around the world cannot access their email on Gmail. Some users also reported that they encountered problems uploading attachments to their emails.In addition, the hashtag #Gmail is always evolving All over the world on Twitter. Many staff members of Gadget 360 also encountered problems uploading attachments to Gmail or uploading documents to Google Drive.

According to detailed information on the downtime tracking website DownDetector, numerous reports of Gmail outages appeared today (US Standard Time) around 9:30 AM. The map provided on the DownDetector website shows that the problem is not limited to certain countries, but is affecting users in many parts of the world, including India. The G Suite status dashboard has also been updated to reflect issues affecting Gmail.

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According to the G Suite status information center, in addition to Gmail, Google services (including Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Meet) have been shut down globally. Since the morning, many users have been reporting problems by uploading files on Google Drive, writing content on Google Docs, or using Google Meet for video calls.

The detailed information provided on DownDetector shows that at the same time as Gmail’s power outage, many Google service problems have surfaced on a global scale. This indicates that there may be a problem in Google Cloud. However, in addition to the message on the “G Suite Status” page, Google has not issued a statement on the issues facing the masses.

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