We have already begun to consider that arranged marriages take place in India, not in other parts of the world. Smriti Mundhra, the creator of Netflix India Matchmaking, told Advertisement Shout: “If you grow up to fight for romantic love, it’s difficult to accept a more pragmatic way of marriage.” This sounds simple, but it’s for amarriages.co arrangement. A new website has attracted people’s attention on sites such as ProductHunt, which makes us question the authenticity of this belief.

The slogan of rangedmarriages.co is “Marriage Uber”, and people are required to submit information to “run statistical matching algorithms based on empirical research on marriage success.” Checking the comments, many people seem to be interested in the idea-you can also see a similar mentality in Netflix’s reaction to the Indian matchmaking event.

When Tinder and OkCupid became popular in India, why would conservative ideas like arranged marriage attract more listeners? Is this an opportunity for Indian matchmaking sites to explore another clientele?

When you log in to Arrangementmarriages.co, it will ask you about your religious beliefs and a series of questions to analyze your personality characteristics. At the end of the application, the website asks you to score your physical attractiveness from 1 to 10. Then you are done, and the website will contact you via email when it finds your match. If the rating does not make you wonder what the site expects, please also consider the following tweet from one of the founders:

People responded by asking “Is this true?” and expressed disdain, saying “This is cyberbullying.” Advertisement Shout reached out to the founders, who initially responded, but then left us at a loss. This seems to be an appropriate anecdote in the story of modern human relations.

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Enter mainstream culture?

Netflix made arranged marriages among Indians a global topic in July 2020. The show features Indians (some live in the US, some in India), and although it became one of the most popular shows here, it also appeared with Crown in Netflix’s annual packaging video and Stranger Things.

Smriti Mundhra of India Matchmaking said: “Many people in the West equate arranged marriages with forced marriage or child marriage.” “Through India Matchmaking, we hope to be like many educated middle classes in India. Presenting arranged marriages: This is a flexible organization that involves families, but young people have a lot of decision-making power. This is also a system where marriage is the goal rather than dating as a priority.”

Mundhra added: “Individualism is the main feature of Western ideals. Therefore, it is difficult for Westerners to accept’I want to marry this person, because his biological data has confirmed that we have similar eating habits and our families get along very well. it is good. .

A quick search for “India Matchmaking Review” on Google shows that the series is called for its regressiveness, but this is not what you see when you search on Twitter. When critics proposed the show’s return to the show, people who watched seemed to think it was interesting.

Dating and marriage apps are no different

Isha Thakore and Uditvanu Das had no intention of finding a life partner when they first signed with Tinder. Thakore told Advertisement Shout: “He is one of the two guys I used to brush correctly, and the other guy is now a good friend.”

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Tinder even let them appear in their ads, but Thakore and Das refused. “I just don’t want to be someone who hoards cars…” Isa giggled.

It’s not only that in India.

A recent study analyzed couples who met through a dating app in Switzerland and found that users of the app are more likely to seek long-term relationships. The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, pointed out that couples met through dating apps actually have a stronger “intention to live together” than couples met online.

The study’s author Gina Potarca said: “Most media claims that they (dating apps) have a negative impact on the quality of relationships because they prevent people from investing in exclusive or long-term relationships. “

While Tinder is known for stripping off all other factors and quickly making a yes or no swipe gesture based on someone’s appearance, other dating sites have started to operate like arangemarriage.co.

“The process of creating a profile on OkCupid is deliberately time-consuming, where the user must answer at least 15 questions. The algorithm considers your answers to the questions, your preferences, interests and hobbies, and your profile to find a way to get along with you People.” said Anukool Kumar, OkCupid India Marketing Director.

Thanks to COVID-19, all of us have been at home for almost a year. We feel more and more isolated from the world, so the idea that you can simply answer a few questions through the app and find the right person (the one you always want) is tempting. For those who meet online, it will be a permanent idea, illustrating our insecurity and loneliness, and telling us (quoted from rangedmarriages.co) “You think too much.”

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Good news-doubts still exist

When some people on ProductHunt commented that they wanted to get married, others said it was sad. The founder’s post on Twitter also caused some anger. This may be why Indian sites like Shaadi.com and BharatMatrimony are still not actively pursuing non-Indian users in other countries.

Murugavel Janakiraman, the founder and CEO of matrimony.com, said: “We are constantly evaluating new growth opportunities.” But he did not discuss this further. Moreover, most of the attention given to rangingmarriages.co is because the platform is seen as something novel, which is different.

On Google, if you look for the term “arranged marriage”, you will see an article about India with the headline “Where is an arranged marriage?” You will even see an older article from the New York Times. Explained with a confused expression, “The Indian website offers some options for arranged marriages.”

We asked Mendela whether there is no habit of arranged marriages in the United States. She said: “I know they exist, but I don’t have any first-hand experience with them.” “My best friend is a Jewish-American who has served in matchmaking services but has poor results. I can imagine that it depends on commitment. It’s difficult to develop a business with something as elusive as love. But as long as people are looking for it, I believe those who help find it will continue to operate.”

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