The sensational video game maker Fortnite mocked Apple in a legal dispute with the tech giant and launched a contest on Sunday to highlight its war on the App Store’s charging policy.

“All your friends. Great. There is also a bad apple.” Epic Games said in a post on its website.

The “FreeFortnite Cup” is free to enter, and prizes include a virtual “Tart Tycoon” outfit, which is outfitted with apple heads, sunglasses and condescending frowns.

Epic said that the player with the highest score in each of the 20,000 regions of the global game will receive a hat with the “Free Fortnite” logo, which is based on Apple’s iconic symbol.

Epic also encourages players to use the hashtag #FreeFortnite to express their dissatisfaction with Apple on Twitter.

Fortnite players on Apple mobile devices will not be able to access the new season of the game, which is scheduled for a software update on August 27th because the app has been removed from Apple’s App Store.

Epic said: “This is the last day for the entire Fortnite community to work together.”

After the iPhone maker pulled Fortnite from its App Store due to an update that evaded revenue sharing, the company filed a lawsuit against Apple.

The latest version includes a payment system that allows player transactions to bypass the App Store, thereby preventing Cupertino-based Apple from charging a 30% discount.

Epic has asked the judge to let Apple put Fortnite back into the App Store until the matter is resolved in court.

Apple expressed its opposition to this emergency order in a legal document on Friday, saying that the epic situation is “self-harming” and can be remedied by updating Fortnite to stop bypassing the App Store payment system.

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It said: “Epic deliberately deceived Apple.”

“Epic decided that it would rather enjoy the benefits of the App Store without paying, but used its customers and Apple users to violate its contract with Apple.”

Apple argues that Epic has orchestrated a campaign that includes copycat videos, merchandise, hashtags, belligerent tweets and legal proceedings.

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download applications from any location other than its App Store, prompting critics to argue that it has a monopoly.

The tech giant also notified Epic that it will cut off access to tools required to customize software for devices powered by its operating system in accordance with a temporary restraining order from the game manufacturer.

Without these tools, Epic would not be able to create an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer version of its widely used Unreal Engine to support rich graphics.

Gamers can still play Fortnite on Apple mobile devices, but they will not receive updates because these updates need to be made through the App Store.

An epic reminder to players that they can access the latest version of Fortnite on personal computers, video game consoles and Android-based mobile devices.

It gave away 1,200 game hardware as prizes in the Sunday tournament.

Epic told fans: “Just because you can’t play on iOS doesn’t mean there is no other great place to play Fortnite.”

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