Press release. 15 million tons of agricultural production plan will be in Ton exchange (Free TON’s DEX is supported by Broxus), Except for the WTON-USDT pair, they will all be hosted on Uniswap with Ton exchange. On June 29, the first phase of agriculture began. The second phase is expected to begin this weekend. Rewards for liquidity providers will be given within two months.

Free tons It is a fast, secure, and scalable network. Thanks to its unique dynamic sharding technology, it can process millions of transactions per second. Its mission is to promote the widespread adoption of decentralized solutions by millions of users. In addition to the infinite sharding paradigm, Free TON’s other unique features include instant hypercube routing, a proof-of-stake mechanism for validating new blocks, the ability to configure network parameters through voting, and more.

First stage distribution

A pair platform TON rewards within 2 months Tillage speed0.84 WTON/sec
WTON-USDT Ton exchange 4 354 650,000 0,84
WTON-USDT Uniswap 518 400,000 0,10
Wharton west Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10
Bridge to the world Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10
WTON-WBTC Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10
WTON-USDC Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10
WTON-FRAX Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10
USDT-USDC Ton exchange 518 400,000 0,10

Free TON recently pledged to increase its liquidity by $1B by the end of 2021. Most of the network’s tokens will be invested in Yield Farming to attract other important DeFi protocols, and to add more liquidity to Free TON and pull more liquidity from Ethereum before the launch of Ethereum 2.0.

This time, Free TON DeFi Alliance cooperates with FRAX (FRAX, FXS) and STASIS (EURS) agreements. This partnership will benefit users of all three networks as it will open access to highly scalable, stable and on-chain currencies with low transaction costs and high TPS.

How to participate in yield farming and collect rewards

  1. Install Crystal Wallet for Google Chrome
  2. Send TON to your address in Crystal Wallet
  3. In order to participate in yield agriculture, you need a pair of tokens, such as WTON-USDT
  4. Turn TON into WTON access One-to-one exchange with TON and WTON
  5. To receive USDT in the FreeTON network, you can purchase USDT through the following transaction pairs:, Or send from ETH to FreeTON via the following method

5a. Visit And exchange the currency you need

5b. Visit, Connect your Metamask and Crystall wallet there and use the ETH-TON tab. Select the token and follow the further instructions on the website.

  1. Once there are two tokens (e.g. WTON and USDT) in the Crystal wallet in the FreeTON network, please go to And increase liquidity for currency pairs.After the liquidity is delivered, take your LP tokens (click the cross next to the LP token at the bottom of the page), and you will receive the mining pool LP tokens in your wallet
  2. go with, Select the pool corresponding to the currency pair you placed liquidity, and click the deposit button
  3. complete! After crediting LP tokens to farming, you will see your share in the pool and can receive rewards.

The reason behind high-yield agriculture and why it is worth participating

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For the free TON DeFi alliance:

1. First of all, income farming is a growth hacking technique that creates a positive feedback loop: token subsidies increase returns, and returns promote capital inflows. The larger the inflow, the larger the pool’s TVL, and the more effective the transaction execution method; The greater the volume, the greater the transaction volume and the higher the return. The business will grow by subsidizing users’ activities/liquidity in the early stages, until the users’ operating income covers the profitability they need in the early stages of project development. Therefore, by issuing tokens to them, you can allow early users to be the beneficiaries of future income streams, thereby overcoming their reluctance to put liquidity into early agreements.

  1. Decentralize the network and gain new supporters.

For users:

  1. Opportunities to obtain excess returns in terms of transaction costs or TON Crystal subsidies.

If you encounter any difficulties at any stage of the Free TON Yield Farming Program, please visit Broxus Telegram chat, The team will do its best to help you.

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