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Fortnite developer Epic may bring Hypermeet 3D facial expression technology to the game

Fortnite developer Epic Games recently acquired a real-time facial animation technology company called Hyprsense, which may bring more facial expressions to games in the future. Although the company has not yet reached any formal plans for this, it does state that the technology will give creators “full control over expressing their vision.” Hypersense’s team developed the Hypermeet application, which places 3D avatars on people’s faces via a regular webcam. Hypermeet can simulate more realistic facial expressions in real time.

Last month, Epic Games acquired Hyprsense, a real-time facial animation technology company. Hypersense released an application called Hypermeet as early as September, which can display 3D avatars (similar to Apple’s Animoji) on people’s faces in real time without using special equipment. Hypermeet can be used with standard webcams and can provide users with a wider range of expressions. According to a report by The Verge, this technology can also be used to place your facial expressions directly on video game characters.

In its application, in addition to the currently available expressions, real-time facial animation and motion capture technology can also be used to add more facial expressions to the characters in Fortnite. For now, Epic seems to focus more on creators who use this new technology. Kim Libreri, Chief Technology Officer of Epic Games, said: “Introducing the Hyprsense team allows us to continue to promote digital character innovation and to develop to the smallest nuances toward the goal of giving all creators complete control and expressing their vision.

The Hyprsense website pointed out that this acquisition will help Epic develop better tools and systems for developers and players. It added: “It will also enable Unreal Engine creators to deploy and drive the most advanced character assets on any platform.”

Hypersense may make this technology more mainstream because Epic’s previous attempts involved using the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to draw facial depth maps.

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