The creator of Fortnite, Epic Games, has made progress in the US courts after failing to dispute the iPhone manufacturer’s payment system on its App Store and the control over app downloads in the US courts. Therefore, it has already engaged with the EU antitrust regulator Up the confrontation.

The two companies have been involved in legal disputes since last August, when the game maker tried to solve some of Apple’s in-app purchases on the App Store by charging 30% by launching its own in-app payment system.

This prompted Apple to kick Epic’s Fortnite game from the App Store and threatened to terminate an affiliate account that would effectively prevent the release of Unreal Engine, a software tool used by hundreds of application makers to create games .

Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) said that Apple’s control of its platform has tilted a level playing field.

He told reporters: “They charge a 30% application tax, and they can increase it to 50% or 90% or 100%. According to their theory of the structure of these markets, they have the right to do so.”

He said: “Epic did not ask any court or regulator to change the 30% to other numbers, just to restore competition on iOS.” He was referring to Apple’s mobile operating system.

The company also accused Apple of prohibiting competitors from publishing their own game subscription services on the platform because this prevented competitors from bundling multiple games together.

Apple stated that its rules apply to all developers, and Epic violated these rules.

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“In a manner described by the judge as deceptive and secretive, Epic has enabled a feature in their app that has not been reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so in order to violate the protection that applies to every developer Customers”, the company said in a statement.

It said: “Their reckless behavior caused pawns by customers, and we look forward to clarifying this to the European Commission.”

The committee that is investigating Apple’s mobile payment systems Apple Pay and App Store declined to comment on the complaint, saying it is aware of concerns about Apple App Store rules.

Epic Games also filed a complaint with the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal and Australian regulators, while seeking compensation. It did not require EU enforcers to compensate for losses.

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