Hawkeye According to reports, Disney + Hotstar’s Marvel Cinematic Universe series-six new actors have been added: Black widowFlorence Pugh and Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and Yelena Belova (Yelena Belova) as her sister Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson), Vera Farmiga (Vera Farmiga) as Kate ·Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld)’s mother Eleanor Bishop (Eleanor Bishop), Far Fee (Far Fee) as the mercenary villain Kazi (Kazi) Dalton (Dalton) as Jackeye’s mentor/villain (Jack Duquesne) )/Swordsman, the newcomer Alaqua Cox (Maya Lopez/Echo) who can replicate anyone’s actions, while Zahn McClarnon plays Maya’s father William Lope (William Lopez).

Diversity brings six newly added words Hawkeye Series actors. Neither Disney nor Marvel Studios commented on this, which is not surprising, as they have not yet confirmed whether even Stanfield is in the lead. Stanfield herself has been silent about her inclusiveness, even denying that this is not “something that must happen”, but this week after leaked photos showed her playing a role with Jeremy Renner It rested earlier. Hawkeye, Clint Barton. In the Disney+ series, it is expected that Renner’s Clint (Renner’s Clint) will hand over the Stein to Kate of Steinfeld, just like John Hanson’s Natasha and Pu Yelena from Pugh Black widow.

This will explain Pugh’s involvement Hawkeye The series, although this is only our guess, and there may be a million other reasons that made her participate. It does confirm that Marvel Studios has begun to map Yelena Belova’s future in the MCU, which involves the transition from film to series. This is a common phenomenon in the fourth stage of MCU. Elizabeth Olsen’s “Scarlet Witch” (Scarlet Witch) will premiere in WandaVision at Disney + Hotstar on January 15. The film will also become Part of Doctor Strange in “Doctor Crazy” shown in the theater.

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Wanda Vision and Hawkeye Two of the eight confirmed MCU series, as well as Anthony Mackie, The Falcon and Winter Soldier led by Sebastian Stan, and Tom Hiddleston-starrer Rocky, The non-classical animation Marvel’s “If…”, and Lady miracle And Iman Vellani (both 2021), Moon knight Probably headed by Oscar Isaac and led by Tatiana Maslany She Hulk (Applicable to 2022). It is said that the ninth series of films created with Nick Fury of Samuel L. Jackson is in the works.

Hawkeye It is expected to be broadcast on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar in late 2021/early 2022.