The first round of online holiday sales will begin next week. Both the Flipkart Big Billion Days promotion and the Amazon Great Indian Sale will start on October 10. Other online markets are likely to follow Flipkart and Amazon for their own sales. At that time of the year, everyone hopes to get a big discount on their favorite products. However, it is easy to get lost in the crazy lightning sales boom, and these offers seem too real.

We have prepared a small guide that can help you during the big deal between Amazon and Flipkart next week and when shopping online in the future. Following some simple rules will not only ensure you get the best deal, but also help you to shop safely during the sales process.

1. Compare prices
The most obvious but often overlooked aspect of online shopping during the holiday season is price comparison. The largest online trading markets such as Flipkart and Amazon tend to match the top deals offered by their competitors. Sometimes these prices are matched almost instantaneously, and sometimes the company spends its precious time updating prices. After deciding on the selected product, simply compare the prices on the next largest online market. If you find an exact match, please choose a transaction that can provide you with better bundled transactions through exchange payment methods, cash back or instant discounts, and choose the payment method. This can help you get better deals overall.

Time and time again, the online market has been accused of inflated prices on its website, leading to big promotions such as Flipkart Big Billion Days promotion and Amazon Great Indian Festival. Although there is no illegality, transactions are usually conducted to make the transaction look attractive during the transaction. The online market usually displays three different prices for products. The first is the highest retail price (MRP), the second is the usual selling price, and the third is the current list price. Your eyes should be on the second and third prices.

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2. Navigate like a professional
From a design perspective, most online markets, even good ones, are messy. During promotional sales, the situation gets worse. It becomes tedious to browse the website and find suitable deals and offers among the numerous slogans throughout the website. You may end up wasting a lot of precious time to find the right deal, and when you buy the right product, the deal may be sold out.

So, how do you make sure you won’t get lost in Flipkart Big Billion Days promotions or large-scale online sales like Amazon Great Indian Festival? The easiest thing is to search for products. You can use the search function of the website, or you can use Google. Directly arriving at the product you choose will allow you to make a decision quickly. Another method is to open the product category page on the website and use the available filters to sort the products according to your needs. This will display the product and its latest price.

Many customers wonder whether it is better to shop online on a mobile application or directly on the website of the online market. Although it’s easier to shop on the mobile app, it’s better on the website because you can quickly navigate, search, and complete purchases.

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3. How to make the most of flash sale
Both the Flipkart Big Billion Days auction and the Amazon Great Indian Festival will be flash sales next week. If you are a novice, these are sales for a limited period of time with limited inventory. Naturally, they will disappear within minutes or even seconds. To ensure that you can complete your purchase during these fast sales periods, you should arrive early. Some of the most popular Flash sales are advertised in the early stages so that customers can be prepared. Make sure to save your personal details, address and payment information in your account to speed up the checkout process. Although it takes a bit of luck to sell quickly, these simple tips will still help you simplify your work.

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If you missed the quick promotion, you can still wait and try again, because most online markets use similar products for multiple quick promotions throughout the holiday season.

4. Stay away from mess and sellers
If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. Always make sure you thoroughly check the seller’s rating and product description. Popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart can only facilitate transactions and offers from well-known sellers, but given the size of these sales, it is almost always impossible to shut out malicious sellers. Things like “new sellers” and situations where product prices seem to be much lower than usual are obvious red flags that you should consider when buying. On Amazon, select the sellers with the “Prime” and “Fulfilled by Amazon” banners, and on Flipkart, select the sellers with the “Flipkart Assured” banner. Sellers covered by these programs provide a standard return policy, and you will also receive customer support.

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5. Use the available bundled offers
The online marketplace now offers various bundled offers to make their transactions even sweeter. Since they are no longer able to offer big discounts on many products, they are now exchanging offers, cash back, no-cost EMI options and instant discounts to attract customers. If you are buying electronic products, you are more likely to find a bundled exchange offer, where you can exchange old items while working to get instant discounts. Although these exchange offers do not bring the most value to your second-hand products, they are still too convenient compared to directly reselling old products to third parties. Both the Flipkart Big Billion Days promotion and the Amazon Great Indian Festival will provide multiple payment methods, so please make sure you choose the payment method you can use, and you can further increase the value of your purchase.

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