Flipkart and Amazon sales will begin next week, ushering in e-commerce discounts during the holiday season. Both Flipkart and Amazon are busy promoting their online and offline sales. These sales are expected to result in huge deals on hundreds of products. No wonder many consumers wait for Amazon and Flipkart sales during the holiday season to snap up great deals on electronic products, large appliances and other favorite products. Over the years, we have learned a little bit about what to expect from Flipkart’s Big Billion Days auction and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival auction this year. The limited-time sales are so large that tracking good deals and finding the products you want to buy becomes a difficult task. However, if you are prepared, you can save a lot of money and buy your favorite gadgets without worrying about anything.

We have put together a simple guide to help you prepare for the upcoming holiday sales of Flipkart and Amazon.

1. Make a list
First of all, we must first plan. You should do your homework in advance to avoid wasting valuable time in the sales process. Do research and list the products to be purchased during the sales process. This will help you determine what you need during the sales process and which online marketplace you need to visit. In the days leading up to the sale, both Flipkart and Amazon will disclose or at least make fun of some of their biggest deals. Paying attention to these can help you make a buying decision before selling. After preparing the list, please add these products to your Flipkart or Amazon wishlist.

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2. Join Flipkart Plus, Amazon Prime
Joining a membership program like Flipkart Plus or Amazon Prime can help you enjoy many free benefits. Flipkart’s Big Billion Days promotion will open at 9pm on October 9th and is only open to Flipkart Plus members, while Amazon’s Great Indian Festival promotion will be open to Amazon Prime subscribers starting at 12pm on October 9th. Getting sales early will ensure you have a greater chance of getting some great deals. That’s not all. These programs also have many other benefits, which may be useful if you shop a lot online. Although Flipkart Plus is free to join, Amazon Prime costs Rs. 999 per month. Although telecom operators provide free Prime membership to selected customers.

3. Check out like a professional
Keep your personal information (such as shipping address and payment information) in your account to speed up the checkout process. This makes it easier and faster to obtain transactions and quotations in fast sales. You may also consider saving payment information in your account to make the checkout process smoother. If you want to take things to a new level, increase your balance in your Amazon Pay or PhonePe wallet so you don’t have to worry about OTP (One Time Password) when making payments through Amazon and Flipkart, respectively. Online markets usually provide cash back, just in case you add money to your wallet before the transaction. Please keep in mind that some online marketplaces will disable cash on delivery during holiday sales to prevent abuse. Make sure to plan accordingly.

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4. Use the correct payment method to pay
Both Flipkart and Amazon offered multiple payment methods this year. Choose something that can help you save money and make it easier for you. From free EMI options to instant credit worth 60,000 rupees, the online trading market wants to spare no effort to prevent you from buying high-value goods online. Flipkart has partnered with MasterCard and HDFC Bank to provide discounts for card-based transactions, and Amazon has teamed up with State Bank of India. In addition to certain cards, both Flipkart and Amazon will provide cash back to PhonePe and Amazon Pay users, respectively.

5. Download Amazon, Flipkart applications on your phone
Although it is easier to use the desktop website during holiday sales, you should still install Flipkart and Amazon’s mobile apps on your smartphone. Since next week’s holiday sales will start on a working day, you may be busy with other things or unable to access the e-commerce website that is working. Make sure you are logged into your account and have your wish list ready. This will make it easier to access the products you desire to buy.

6. Stick to the budget
During such holiday sales, it is easy to be snatched away. After listing and sticking to it, you can easily control the spending limit. Decide what you want for yourself, friends or family, and only buy when you find a large amount of goods. Impulse buying can easily destroy your spending budget. When browsing aimlessly during the sales process, do not wander the online market. This may generate a large number of credit card bills at the end of the month, which you do not need.

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We will cover the best deals in Flipkart and Amazon sales, so make sure to visit Advertisement Shout when the sale starts.