The Filecoin project certainly caused a lot of hype, but in the last few weeks before its launch, the cooperative digital storage encryption project received a lot of criticism. This weekend, some Filecoin miners went on strike and claimed that the economic model is not good for them.

Just recently, as the project joined the cryptocurrency economy, Filecoin (FIL) token products have been a hot topic. In addition, when the crypto community questioned the movement of 800,000 FIL tokens, recent controversy surrounding the project has continued. Now there is another story that shows that some FIL miners are on strike because they are allegedly unable to make a profit because of conflicting economic models. This is based on many social media posts and interviews with several leading FIL mining operators.

For example, Lai Chuhang, chairman of Space Cloud, explained how efficient the Filecoin economic model is currently, and pointed out that “community consensus may split.”

“If this situation continues,” Chu Hang said. Miners will have to buy coins at high prices on the secondary market. Obviously, it is not worth it. In the current situation, the community consensus may be split, and the project may be worrying. “

On Twitter, an account named “Nico Deva” Discussed Why are most FIL miners going on strike and discussing “failed weddings and forks” 24 hours after the start.

“Filecoin is very complex and requires high-end hardware, including at least 128GB of memory,” Nico Deva tweeted. “example of [one] Miner, that’s [three] Server and [two] Calculate and [one] Storage, starting from 6block.The price is high retail [$40,000] (Including hosting and maintenance fees), the normal price is required. $20k, 350TB. Storage speed is the bottleneck. You can provide a lot of space, but with 2 computing servers, you can still only seal 1TB/day for 336TB of storage space. It may take 210 to 350 days to use and mine the actual capacity. “

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Deva carry on By adding:

At the same time, you need to use FIL as collateral for the space provided, which is a guarantee, and if the space commitment is not fulfilled (the goal is to ensure that data is not lost), it will be reduced.But this is chicken and egg [problem], Because no one can use FIL to start mining and get FIL.

Deva’s conclusion is Say: “In China, people are disgusting and disgusting. This is a repeated word.” According to an interview with Filecoin miners, one of the Filecoin community members explained that miners should appreciate the FPI-004 project proposal. It is said that FPI-004 can help solve some of the problems that FIL miners are dealing with.

Filecoin community members said: “Only when we cooperate, the network can become better.” “Whether to make special improvements depends on the community. Generally speaking, if people with ideas for improvement can help them build, then the ecosystem will become better. it is good.”

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