FIFA Ultimate Team is the “cornerstone” of the EA Sports football simulation FIFA game, and the video game giant “does everything” [it] A leaked internal shows that it can drive players there, including deploying “content trailers” and “targeted messaging” to “channels” FIFA 21 players to enter FUT game mode and “incentivize” them Perform the conversion. FUT makes a lot of profit and uses loot boxes, a video game feature that allows you to buy football player outfits for real money-however, the players you get are randomly assigned to a certain level, bringing The odds are extremely high.

The detailed information of the leaked 54-page comes from the Canadian publication CBC News, which has a selection of presentations discussing EA Sports’s performance before FIFA 21 (the game was released globally in October last year). Marketing Plan. Mainly for FIFA Ultimate Team, the team made a lot of money for the publisher Electronic Arts. According to its annual earnings report, by 2020, EA has earned nearly $1.5 billion (approximately Rs 11,191 crore) from the loot boxes that appeared in the EA Sports title. The leaked documents even reached the point where “all roads lead to FUT”.

EA issued a strong wording late Monday, saying that the “CBC News” report was a “sensational” story that distorted the facts but ignored “important information and background.” EA added that we will not “push” people to spend money on our games. It acknowledges the authenticity of the leaked file because it points out that there is no “contradiction” in any content in the leaked file. It is promoting FUT participation rather than spending. But the language in the internal file is the opposite. FIFA players have also noticed that the status of FUT rewards is deteriorating, which again prompts frustrated players to spend real money.

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Experts believe that, given the behaviors encouraged by games such as FUT, they are similar to gambling. Belgium was the first government to agree to the country, which banned loot boxes in 2018. In other regions, lawsuits are unfolding, and other countries are also competing for loot boxes and gambling links, although in most regions, laws on games of chance are outdated, a gaming researcher told CBC News. EA “resolutely disagrees” FIFA is suspected of gambling and believes that the loot box is not gambling because there is no “cashing method”.

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