After months of delay, FAU-G was finally released on Android. The game was launched on “Republic Day” on January 26 and has already received more than one million downloads. FAU-G was developed by the nCore Games studio in Bangalore and promoted by the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who participated in the development, and proposed the name. In summary, how is the game really? We downloaded FAU-G on Android, this is our idea.

There is not much content in FAU-G. It currently only features a single player game, and after Lieutenant Singh is ambushed by a Chinese opponent in the Galvan Valley, do you play as Lieutenant Singh. The gameplay is fairly linear, and the main feature is to fight a group of enemies with little change. There are melee weapons in the game, enemies will drop, you can pick up two at once. This is all the changes FAU-G can expect. Fighting skills only involve two buttons, namely “hit” and “block”, you rarely need the latter.Along the way, you will find that campfires can restore health, which cannot be achieved elsewhere

It feels like you can click a button repeatedly to play the entire campaign. Oh, there is also a timer. The dialogue is repetitive, and the graphics look very old for games coming out in 2021. However, it should be noted that nCore Games stated that it will release “Free for All” and 5v5 “Team Deathmatch” modes to make FAU-G more interesting.

Co-founder Vishal Gondal said that the game does tell an original Indian story, which is part of the inspiration for the game. But the game may have more features, and developers can add something, such as various mobile settings that can be unlocked, different enemies, parry mechanisms, and other mechanisms related to combat games.

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In the current state, the game feels too short and not completed. Hopefully the planned update will enrich the game in the future, but beyond that, it’s hard to say too much about such a short experience. The developers made it clear from the beginning that despite the early release time, FAU-G is not intended to replace PUBG Mobile.

Now that they have watched the game, it is clear that they want to make something unique and new. For this, the team deserves praise. However, considering the current state of the game, it is best to make an announcement later, because there are actually more games for players to try. So far, the size of FAU-G above 460 MB on Android has not provided much entertainment, but with the addition of new models, the judgment may change.


  • Original IP
  • Simple control
  • Unique Indian style


  • Visually unattractive
  • Lack of content
  • Repeatability

Score (out of 10 points): 5

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