Universal Pictures announced on Wednesday afternoon that the release date of “Fast and Furious 9” in India has been postponed by two weeks. The latest chapter of The Fast Saga will now be shown in Indian cinemas on Thursday, August 19, instead of the earlier Thursday, August 5. The new release date of “Fast and Furious 9” is August 19, which is part of a two-month announcement by Universal Pictures’ parent company NBCUniversal. In addition, we also have “Promising Young Woman” which won the Oscar on August 6, M. Night Shyamalan’s Old on August 13th, “Nobody” and animation led by Bob Odenkirk The sequel “Crazy Animals: New Era” on August 27, the animated sequel “Boss Baby: Family Business” on September 10, and the dystopian follow-up The Forever Purge on September 17.

All seven Universal Pictures movies have been shown in theaters around the world. The Croods: A New Age was released all the way in November last year, and Promising Young Woman was released in the United States last Christmas. No one was released in the United States on March 26-it was originally scheduled to premiere in India on April 9, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Fast and Furious 9 will be released in the United States on June 25th. After the 45-day drama window, F9 is expected to start video-on-demand in the United States in early August, which may further damage its box office opportunities in India. The Forever Purge and The Boss Baby: Family Business were both released in the United States on July 2, and the latter was also released on the streaming service Peacock. Old is the latest work here, which premiered in American cinemas on July 23.

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Although some Warner Bros. studios released the main works of “Creed” and “Wonder Woman 1984” in India in December last year, Universal Pictures chose to keep their works. As a result, they were delayed at this point for more than seven months. However, NBCUniversal is making full use of this new window-cases in parts of India are increasing, and people are worried that the third wave is “inevitable.” Given that the owner of DC announced on Tuesday that it will bring “Suicide Squad” to Indian cinemas on August 5, it appears to be still responding to Warner. Now a day later, Fast and Furious 9 has left that date and skipped for two weeks. At the same time, Old will fight The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it, making Independence Day weekend a horror weekend for Hollywood movies.

The studio said in a prepared statement: “Due to the blockade caused by the pandemic, people’s time for watching movies on the big screen was temporarily interrupted, and NBCUniversal is ready to start the magic of witnessing the best movies. From August 6 Beginning on Sunday, the brand will launch a movie gift for avid movie fans, and an average of 1-2 movies will be released every week until the end of September. NBCUniversal has been eagerly waiting for the cinema to reopen to provide Indian audiences with a variety of exciting Film so that they can fully enjoy the theater experience they have been missing.

“NBCUniversal has a strong library of upcoming games, some of which belong to the largest franchises in the world, and audiences across the country are eagerly looking forward to it. With the continued excitement of fans, these games have been played on social media and have been Make all the right sounds before the long-awaited release. Wait a few more days, because all films will be shown in cinemas in your city on the aforementioned dates.”

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Promising Young Woman will be released on August 6. Old will be released on August 13. “Fast and Furious 9” will be released in India on August 19. “Nobody and Crazy: A New Era” will be released on August 27. “Boss Baby: Family Business” will be released on September 10. “Forever Purification” will be released on September 17.