Falcon and Winter Soldier will be used in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Disney + Hotstar announced that it will provide the next “Marvel Cinematic Universe” series in three Indian languages, and has also released localized versions of the trailers of “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier”. This makes “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier” the first original Disney to be hailed as Disney+ by Indian audiences, and they are also open to new audiences. Since it will be available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, even if you subscribe to Disney + Hotstar VIP, you can watch “Falcon” and “Winter Soldier” at a cost of Rs. 399 per year. If you want to watch in original English, you will naturally need Disney + Hotstar Premium for Rs. 299 rupees per month. 1,499 a year.

Interestingly, Disney+ Hotstar decided to start localizing original Disney+ works together with “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier”. Its predecessor, WandaVision, was the first series of nine episodes that Marvel Studios ended on Friday, March 5th. It is only available in English. This shows that WandaVision has achieved considerable success on Disney + Hotstar (although we don’t have any numbers), which convinces Hotstar that it is worthwhile to localize Marvel’s new TV show into other Indian languages. But does this mean that more Disney+ originals may be released in the future? Disney + Hotstar said it depends on the title.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Hindi Trailer

Falcon and Winter Soldier Tamil trailer

Falcon and Winter Soldier Telugu Trailer

Although this may be a new feature of the MCU on TV, Disney India has been providing large-screen MCU experiences in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu for some time. In fact, there are very few Disney movies that are not localized in India, just like the latest animated adventures “Raya” and “The Last Dragon”.Under the leadership of Scarlett Johansson, Disney India even began to expand its localized products Black widow The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada-this is the first amazing film dubbed in five Indian languages. But because it was not released due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney India did not have the opportunity to check whether this statement is reasonable.

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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan played Sam Wilson in “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier” respectively/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/”The Winter Soldier” “And Daniel Brewer as Baron Helmut Zemo, returning from Captain America: Civil War, Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter/Agent 13 Returning from the Civil War and Captain America: Winter Soldier Wyatt Russell (Wyatt Russell) as the successor of Captain America to the US government, John F. Walker, and Georges St-Pierre as mercenary Georges Batroc (Georges Batroc) Winter soldier, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/War Machine, Erin Kellyman as the anti-patriotic flag smasher group member Carly Morgan So (Karli Morgenthau), Adepero Oduye (Adepero Oduye) plays Sam’s sister Sarah Wilson (Sarah Wilson).

Malcolm Spellman is the creator and lead writer of “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier,” and Kari Skogland is the director. Spellman is the executive producer of Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios. Falcon and Winter Solider is a work of Marvel Studios produced for Disney+, with a budget of US$150 million (approximately Rs 1,090 crore).

“Falcon” and “Winter Soldier” will premiere in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Disney+ Hotstar on March 19. It will last six episodes until April 23.