Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and his wife Priscilla Chan (Priscilla Chan) on Tuesday donated another 100 million US dollars (about 7.33 billion rupees) to help the local election office to 11 May prepare, although some conservatives are stepping up their efforts to prevent funds from being used.

The donations brought Zuckerberg and Chen’s total funding to 400 million U.S. dollars (approximately 29.33 billion rupees), the same as the funds allocated by Congress in March, to help the election office solve the difficulties of adapting to new voting behavior during the election. Coronavirus pandemic. Election experts estimate that it may cost 4 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 29,335 crore) to make all the changes, but Senate Republicans have never adopted the relief bill provided by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, including $3.6 billion (approximately 26,401 crore). ) To aid voting officials.

Zuckerberg and Jackie Chan first set foot in this field in September, donating 300 million US dollars (approximately 22 billion rupees). Previously, other donors had already donated to the non-profit organization, which received most of the donations from the founder of Facebook, the Chicago-based Technology and Civic Life Center.

Tina Epps-Johnson said: “In the past month, more than 2,100 election officials who are seeking funding to ensure the safe and healthy election choices of voters in all corners of the country are exposed to COVID- 19 Response to the funding program generated strong interest.” Executive Director of the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

The money will be used to purchase protective equipment to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in polling stations, through polling stations, and equipment used to process mail voting.

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The election administrators of both parties respect CTCL. But it was founded by a former employee of a democratic technology company. In the second half of last week, Louisiana’s Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry moved and frozen 26 offices in the state. Reduced funds of 7.8 million US dollars (approximately 570 million rupees). Landry is also committed to amending state laws to prohibit such arrangements in the future.

A Republican legal group also announced late last week that it had filed lawsuits in nine swing states, including Iowa and Pennsylvania, against these donations.

Phill Kline of the Thomas Moore Institute’s “Project Amistad” announced the lawsuit in a statement last week, saying that the donations “are insidious to manipulate this year’s elections. Coordinated and secret movement.”

Zuckerberg acknowledged this controversy in a Facebook post. Zuckerberg wrote: “Since our initial donation, there have been multiple lawsuits trying to prevent the use of these funds, on the grounds that the organization that received the donation has a partisan agenda.” “That is wrong. These funds will serve. In communities across the country, cities, rural areas and suburbs, and distributed by non-party organizations.”

Zuckerberg added that most of the applying electoral agencies have fewer than 25,000 registered voters in their jurisdiction. Some conservatives criticized CTCL for donating to election offices in cities favored by the Swing State Democratic Party. In a video widely circulated during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, a campaign worker was fired from an election office in Philadelphia. The worker received US$8 million (approximately 580 million rupees) in CTCL election grants, and Ask if it is not a public place? “Because it is funded by a non-profit organization?”

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Zuckerberg added: “I agree with those who say that the government should provide these funds, not private citizens. I hope that the government will provide sufficient funds for future elections. However, if there is no funding, I think this urgent need is met. Vital.”

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