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Facebook will include user feedback on news feed arrangements based on preferences into the report

Facebook said on Thursday that it is taking steps to absorb direct feedback from users in order to arrange its news sources according to their preferences.

When a user opens an account on a mobile application or visits a website, the first thing they see is Facebook’s news feed, which contains posts from friends and businesses.

Facebook wrote in a blog that the company is testing globally to get more specific feedback from users about what they want to see.

“While the level of engagement of a post-or how often people like it, how much it is commented on or shared-can indicate that people are interested in it, this survey-driven approach mainly occurs outside of the immediate response to the post , To get a more complete understanding of the types of posts people find most valuable, and what types of content affect their news feed experience. Now, we ask about what people find valuable content and what people don’t like to see in the news feed The content of the new questions to construct these surveys,” Aastha Gupta, director of product management, wrote in a blog post.

Some new methods Facebook will explore to collect user feedback include: finding out if users have found inspiring posts, staying interested in certain topics, better understanding what users want to see less, and making direct feedback easier on posts on.

“In general, we want to show people that they want to see and find more valuable content, not content they don’t need. Although engagement will continue to be what we use to rank posts in the News Feed One of many signals, but we believe that these other insights can provide a more complete picture of what people find valuable, and we will share more information to test while learning from this information,” Gupta wrote.

The social media company has previously stated that users demand more control over their feeds and reduce political and motivational content.

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