After the government asked them to delete content criticizing the current medical crisis or spreading fake news during the pandemic, Twitter and other social media platforms have deleted about 100 posts and URLs.

Twitter said it had notified the affected account holders of the actions it had taken in response to the legal requirements of the Indian government, and Facebook did not comment on the matter.

The source said that the two companies have complied with the order. However, it is not immediately known what the deleted post was.

At the same time, government sources said that the IT Ministry required social media platforms to delete posts and URLs (uniform resource locators) based on the recommendations of the Ministry of the Interior to “prevent obstacles in the fight against the pandemic” and disrupt public orders due to the aforementioned position.

They added that the order was issued in light of the fact that some users abused social media platforms to spread fake or misleading information and “through unrelated, outdated and out of context images or visual effects, used together” caused a pandemic in society. panic. Sensitive posts and misinformation about the COVID-19 agreement”.

Although there are reports calling for the removal of positions criticizing the government’s handling of the medical crisis, sources said that in the collective struggle against COVID-19, the government is willing to accept criticism and suggestions.

However, they said, it is necessary to take action against users who “abuse” social media for unethical purposes during this severe humanitarian crisis.

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At the request of the government, Twitter has deleted or restricted access to more than 50 posts in the past month, including tweets criticizing its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The other deleted posts showed pictures and videos of the recent Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh.

Earlier this year, after the Indian government ordered the Weibo platform to restrict the spread of misinformation and inflammatory content related to farmers’ protests, more than 500 accounts in India were suspended and access to hundreds of other accounts was blocked.

India is recording record COVID cases every day. According to the data updated at 8 am on Sunday by the Joint Ministry of Health, the number of new infections with COVID reached 3,49,691, and the death toll was 2,767.

A Twitter spokesperson said that after receiving a valid legal request, it will be reviewed in accordance with Twitter rules and local laws.

“If the content violates Twitter’s rules, the content will be removed from the service. If it is determined to be illegal in a particular jurisdiction, but the Twitter rules are not violated, we may only prohibit access to the content in India. Biennially The “Twitter Transparency Report” details the legal requirements we received and posted the requirements to retain content on Lumen,” the spokesperson said.

Citing a report from the Lumen Database (an independent research project that studies cessation and termination letters related to online content), Twitter deleted more than 50 posts at the request of the government, including posts by members of Congress, judicial assistance, and filmmakers .

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The Weibo platform emphasizes that it is committed to the principles of openness and transparency, and resolves misinformation based on the most harmful possibility.
It pointed out that it is using a combination of products, technology and manual review to resolve COVID-19 misinformation.

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