Facebook has begun to roll out a simplified settings page for mobile users, which has fundamentally eliminated some confusion and reduced the number of categories available. The purpose of the latest update is to make it easier for users to find the settings they need. Due to the changes implemented on the server side, you will find that individual settings will no longer be described, and some independent categories that previously existed on the default settings login page are not available. However, Facebook has not deleted any of its previous settings.

As part of the streamlining, one of the most significant changes implemented by Facebook was the removal of descriptions from individual settings. The social networking giant switched to more specific and descriptive headlines.

Facebook also reduced the number of categories to six, namely accounts, preferences, audience and visibility, permissions, your information, and community standards and legal policies. Some earlier independent settings have also been repositioned and can now be used with related settings. So, for example, the News Feed setting that used to belong to a smaller category of its own now belongs to “Preferences,” where it is grouped with similar settings.

In addition, the search function on the settings page has been improved, allowing users to easily find the settings they want—even if they don’t know the exact name or location of a particular setting.

You will also notice that a shortcut for privacy checks is provided at the top of the settings landing page to help users easily enhance their privacy and security on the platform. Of course, this is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to appease privacy advocates.

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Facebook said its redesigned settings are currently being rolled out for Android, iOS, mobile web and Facebook Lite users. When submitting this story, we were able to see the changes in the iOS 329.0 version and the mobile version of the Facebook website on Facebook.