According to sources quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook may take emergency measures to regulate viral content when election-related conflicts and turmoil occur in the United States. According to the report, Facebook intends to use tools developed specifically for so-called countries at risk to quell possible violence. The tools already used in Myanmar and Sri Lanka can stop the spread of viral content and lower the threshold for identifying potentially inflammatory sites.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone (Andy Stone) said: “We have spent many years building safer and safer elections… We have borrowed from the experience of previous elections, hired experts, and organized New teams with field experience come to prepare for various situations.” The newspaper said.

The report stated that Facebook would only take such measures in critical situations that could lead to election-related violence, adding that if the company decides to use these tools, it will change how millions of Americans receive Information.

The report also said that some members of the Facebook team and representatives of Republicans and Democrats have criticized the plan, believing that the implementation of content monitoring measures will hinder political discussions.

The presidential election of the United States was held on November 3. The US presidential election will be held on November 3.

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