Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is experimenting with new tools in India to prevent misuse of profile pictures. The social giant said that the feature was launched after receiving feedback from Indian users. This new feature provides users with more control by restricting users who can download and share their profile pictures.

Facebook product manager Aarati Soman announced a new Photo Guard tool, also known as Profile Picture Guard. In addition, she also revealed that Facebook is also introducing design into profile pictures, and the company’s research shows that these pictures help prevent misuse. It is expected that this feature will be launched in more countries/regions soon, which means that this feature will be limited to Indian users for some time. Facebook said that Indian users will begin to see step-by-step guides to add optional profile picture protection procedures. Once applied, profile photos can no longer be downloaded, shared or sent via messages on Facebook.

In addition, people who are not friends on Facebook will not be able to tag anyone in your profile photo, including themselves. Facebook also stated that this will prevent others from taking screenshots of your profile photos on Facebook as much as possible. This feature is currently only available on Android devices.

With the new Photo Guard, users who choose the new tool will see a blue border and shield around the profile picture to provide visual protection.

If you are excited about Facebook’s new photo protection feature, please follow the steps below to protect your profile photos. Please note that not everyone can see this feature right away, as it is still slowly rolling out in this country.

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method 1
Refresh the news feed and you may see a message (as shown in the image below) prompting you to help protect your profile picture

  1. Tap Turn on profile picture protection
  2. Then you will see a screen explaining the advantages of Profile Guard
  3. Please click next
  4. Then, you will see your current profile photo with a shield symbol on it and you can choose save

Method Two

  1. Open your Facebook profile.
  2. Tap your profile picture
  3. Then, you will see the following options (as shown in the image below): Turn on profile picture protection
  4. If checked, you will get the following options: save, Then look at the profile photo with the shield symbol

Facebook profile picture guard2 facebook

As for the ability to add a design to your profile photo, this option will be displayed as a reminder in your news feed, just like Method 1 above.You will see the message Add design to your avatarAnd select Add design.After clicking this option, you can choose from a series of design overlays, and then click next. The steps are shown in the figure below.

Facebook profile picture guard3 facebook

Facebook revealed that it has partnered with Indian security organizations (such as the Social Research Center, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz) to develop new personal profile picture protection tools.

Soman said: “Based on preliminary tests, we found that when someone adds an extra layer of design to a profile picture, the likelihood of others copying the picture is at least 75% lower.” Facebook said these designs will make it easier for users Report abuse of his profile picture.

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