Facebook said on Tuesday that it hopes that the EU’s new draft rules aimed at curbing the power of major US companies will set boundaries for Apple, and this latest move by Apple has been ongoing.

After Apple announced a privacy feature, the two companies competed with each other. This feature allows users to prevent advertisers from tracking them in different applications.

Facebook and other companies that profit from ad sales have said that the feature will hurt developers. Apple has fought back by saying: “When intrusive tracking is your business model, you often don’t welcome transparency and customer choice.”

One of the draft EU rules is the Digital Market Act (DMA), which targets large companies and calls for the suspension of support for their own services on the platform.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We hope that DMA will also establish boundaries for Apple.”

He said: “Apple controls the entire ecosystem from devices to app stores and apps, and uses this power to harm developers and consumers as well as large platforms such as Facebook.”

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Another rule is the Digital Services Act (DSA), which requires companies with more than 45 million users to do more work in addressing illegal content and deliberately manipulating platforms to influence elections, or face hefty fines.

Facebook is often criticized for not doing enough to prevent people from using the platform to publish hate speech or spread fake news.

The social media network is one of the US companies that will abide by the new rules. It welcomes the EU’s position and says that they are “helping to maintain the advantages of the Internet on the right path.”

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“We have long called for the regulation of harmful ingredients and have made positive contributions to many European initiatives in this area, including the EU Code of Conduct on Hate Speech.

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