An Irish spokesperson said on Wednesday that after the details of 533 million users were leaked on the hacker website, the Irish data watchdog has begun a formal investigation of Facebook.

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) stated that the investigation was to determine whether the EU-wide GDPR charter on data rights and the corresponding Irish law have been violated or are being violated by Facebook.

The American technology giant said it was “fully cooperating” with the inquiries of regulators, adding that “related to certain features that make it easier for people to find and connect with friends on our services.”

A spokesperson for the company said: “These features are common to many applications, and we look forward to explaining them and the protective measures we use.”

Earlier this month, a lot of information about 530 million Facebook users was shared on hacker forums.

Facebook has previously stated that these data were “crawled” from the site by hackers in 2019, and the hackers used features designed to help people easily find friends using contact lists.

DPC said in a statement that it has maintained contact with Ireland regarding this issue, and the company has issued “many responses.”

DPC believes that Facebook believes that Facebook may have violated “one or more provisions” of the Irish Data Protection Act, or violated the EU Charter, or both.

Facebook’s European headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland, and DPC is the company’s main regulatory body in the European Union.

According to the landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in 2018, social media users have broader rights related to their data.

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Regulators such as DPC have new powers, including fines for companies not exceeding 4% of their annual global turnover.

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