The two companies said on Tuesday that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Australia’s Facebook had reached a content supply agreement, which was a step towards resolving the dispute that made the company. The social media giant briefly shut down thousands of pages in the country.

The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, making News Corp the first major media outlet to reach a deal with Facebook under the controversial new law, which allows arbitrators appointed by the Australian government to collect fees if the company fails to perform its duties.

Due to power outages including emergency services and government health pages, Facebook closed all media content in the country for a week last month, which angered world leaders. When Australia agreed to relax certain parts of the new regulations, it ended the shutdown.

News Corp, which owns about two-thirds of Australian metropolitan newspapers, is one of the media companies. The company called on the government to let Facebook and Alphabet’s Google pay for media links that attract viewers and advertising revenue to them. On the platform.

Google also opposed it for a few months and threatened to withdraw core services from the country, just days before the rule becomes law, before signing deals with most media, including News Corporation.

News Corp CEO Robert Thomson (Robert Thomson) said in a statement: “The agreement with Facebook is a milestone in changing the terms of trade in the news industry and will have a substantial and meaningful impact on our Australian news business. Impact.” The name of the chief antitrust regulator.

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Thomson added: “This digital approach has been in place for more than a decade.”

Andrew Hunter, head of Facebook’s news partners in Australia, said the deal means that Facebook’s 17 million users in the country “will get premium quality from News Corp’s network of news editing offices across the country, large cities, rural areas, and suburbs. News reports and latest news videos”.

In addition to Sydney’s best-selling tabloid “Daily Telegraph” and Melbourne’s “Herald Sun”, News also operates a subscription cable TV network called Sky News, which has a separate deal with Facebook, but the terms of the deal Did not disclose.News Corp

News Corp. first said it had reached a Facebook agreement, but the free-to-air television broadcaster and newspaper publisher Seven Western Media had previously stated that it had signed a letter of intent to do so.

On Tuesday, seven competitors, Nine Entertainment, reported in the Australian Financial Review that the company also signed a Facebook transaction letter of intent.

A nine-person spokesperson said that the company also published the Sydney Morning Herald, “continue to have constructive and fruitful discussions with Facebook, and will continue to do so when we have any news announced”.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the nine negotiations.

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