A shopping mall in Singapore is deploying a newly developed intelligent robot to combat the new coronavirus. This new coronavirus uses out instead of chemicals.

Although spraying has become the norm in many parts of the world, the robot uses ultraviolet lamps not only to disinfect surfaces, but also to disinfect hard-to-reach gaps and even the air.

According to Derrick Yap, who developed the Sunburst UV Bot by his company PBA Group, the new coronavirus pandemic provides an opportunity to test whether robots are “dangerous, dull and dirty”.

He said: “This is dangerous, because UVC should not be deployed when there are people around.” He refers to short-wave sterilizing ultraviolet rays.

He said: “Dull-because you continue to go somewhere and continue to do repetitive tasks, dirty and dirty because of COVID-19.”

UVC can be harmful to skin and eyes, which is why Frasers Property Retail tested the robot after the closing time of the mall. The robot looked like a fluorescent lamp standing upright on a moving base.

However, if it detects someone nearby, it can turn off the UV light. After the route is fully drawn, the robot will automatically perform its cleaning cycle before recharging.

Yap said he hopes the coronavirus outbreak will prompt the company to reassess its labor needs and use of technology, including robots.

He said: “In the future, this will have many uses.”

Only one Sunburst UV Bot is undergoing testing, and Frasers intends to deploy more products elsewhere in Singapore.

But their prices are not cheap, each priced at 70,000 Singapore dollars (about 3.737 million rupees). Some are rented to customers at a monthly price of S$3,000 (approximately Rs 1.6 million), while others are provided to hospitals and isolation centers.

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