Over the years, we have been introduced into digital transformation, which has created and shaped communities around the world. Digital technology has introduced new and evolved ways to interact with the world, operate and most importantly communicate. In the current economic difficulties and the Covid-19 global pandemic, the European Union has to face many operational and structural facts, one of which is the strength of legal tender. EUR.

The European economy operates through a flawed system

Since the introduction of the euro, there have been endless debates about its strength and affordability in global exchanges.

This particular criticism is incorrectly defined by strategy and shows major flaws. Specifically, the euro does not have a strong asset-backed joint economy. This error has been fully demonstrated because the euro was created to imitate the firm stance and ability of the US dollar, while the EU is still divided by the economic stance among its members.

Although opinions may differ, even in the turbulent circumstances of 2020, the strength of the organizational foundation of the US economy cannot be convinced of the consistency of the US dollar currency that portrays a “stable” stance.

“This is why the U.S. economy is prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic. The European economy operates differently… It may be said that it is a flawed economic system. Therefore, during this period, Europe becomes more susceptible to changes in regulations and stable operations. “-Simone Mazzuca (Simone Mazzuca)

EURST stablecoin-the reshaping of the European economy
Simone Mazzuca

With this in mind, the economic difficulties of individuals and businesses in the EU can be alleviated by enacting regulations covering current and future digital technology possibilities.

“Europe’s foundation has a strategic position through communication and global power, but in its current position, Europe is in a more vulnerable position besides Brexit.” – Simone Mazzuca (Simone Mazzuca)

Since then, the development of stablecoins has come at an appropriate time, especially when international financial policies seem to be polarized by different financial variables and Fiat’s inflationary nature.

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This is why Mr. Mazzuca created EURST, which is a real-time audited stable currency backed by USD assets. The latest digital currency developed by Wallex Trust is worth 1 Euro and is guaranteed by the Federal Reserve and Wallex Trust’s own accounts.

EURST presents an opportunity to improve the economy

The advanced functions of the blockchain technology are issued as tokens on the Ethereum network according to the recognized ERC20 standard, enabling users to conduct faster and safer transactions. This can be achieved through the use of smart contracts that can digitally process the issuer’s deposits stored in segregated accounts. Therefore, enabling users to conduct transactions without having to pay high costs and avoid the long delays of the current financial system.

“EURST can be used as a logistical background for the euro representative” – Simone Mazzuca

More importantly, in addition to regular third-party audits, blockchain technology can also make EURST completely transparent and can audit transactions in real time, because transactions are recorded in a digital ledger.

This not only provides transparency and security features, but also allows users to store funds in the trusted custodian Wallex Custody. By opening an account with an account in Wallex Custody, users can benefit from additional security and privacy, while maintaining the deposit, transfer or withdrawal of personal funds that can be converted to any currency of choice in a fast and borderless situation fluidity.

In short, EURST provides opportunities and possibilities for improving economic conditions, and we highlight some main features:

1. To protect wealth from the devaluation of the euro, you can use stablecoins to save money without opening a bank account in Europe
2. Users who wish to deposit funds on a cryptocurrency exchange for trading can use EURST instead of Fiat.
3. Supervisors can use EURST to bypass the expensive transfer fees when sending legal remittances back to their homes.

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Following the above-mentioned advantages, EURST does portray the possibility and opportunity of a certain “chameleon” choice for euro operations. The transparency and security of the stablecoin EURST is that it brings and provides support to individuals and businesses to successfully conduct business, and in an economy that has not yet provided guarantees for all of us, this will help them provide support.

Link to EURST: https://eurst.io/

Link to Wallex Trust: https://wallextrust.com/

Link to Wallex hosting: https://www.wallexcustody.com/

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