The Financial Times cited the first draft of its landmark “Digital Services Act” on Wednesday, and the European Union is preparing to force large technology companies to share customer data with smaller competitors.

The British “Financial Times” reported: “People like Amazon and Google must not use the data collected on the platform for their own business activities unless they make it accessible to business users engaged in the same business activities,” the draft quoted.

When asked by Reuters for comment, Google pointed to a blog earlier this month, which first detailed its response to the bill, which supports measures that allow users to move between platforms without losing access to their data.

Google said in a blog: “The question is not whether data mobility or data access should be promoted, but how to realize its benefits without sacrificing product quality or innovation incentives.”

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager (Margrethe Vestager) will announce at the end of this year that strict new regulations will be enacted under the bill, aimed at increasing social media companies’ liability and liability for content on their platforms.

According to the report, the draft indicates that technology giants may be prohibited from giving preferential treatment to their own services on their sites or platforms, thereby harming competitors.

It added that companies should not be allowed to pre-install their own applications on hardware devices (such as laptops or phones) or force other companies to pre-install their software specifically.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that China is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Google.

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In the United States, a government team is expected to release a report on antitrust allegations against large technology companies on Monday.

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