Registered users will receive a new recommendation reward of 100G $, and new users will receive a “welcome reward” of 50G $. Etoro, one of the world’s leading social trading platforms, announced that with the launch of a new referral program, it will provide rewards for the next 1 million users of its Gooddollar project.

The stable coin G $ aims to become a digital universal basic income

Gooddollar is a digital coin and wallet, founded in September 2020 by Yoni Assia, co-founder and CEO of Etoro. By issuing a stablecoin called G$, it provides citizens around the world with universal basic income (UBI) in digital form. To date, Gooddollar’s digital UBI has provided support to more than 50,000 users, and this new referral program will further expand this user.

According to the terms of the referral program, Gooddollar users will receive a bonus of 100 G $ for each newly registered invitee. New users will also benefit, once registration is completed, they will receive a welcome bonus of 50 G$. Etoro has not announced whether these referral bonuses will reach a certain limit.

When announcing Etoro’s sponsorship of the new program, Yoni Assia stated:

Real people are eager to participate in social projects aimed at making the world a better place. We are confident that our Gooddollar token sponsorship for new users will support 1 million users to join Gooddollar. This is part of our greater mission to enable more people to experience and use digital currency.

Our support for Gooddollar provides a new model for supporting corporate entities such as Etoro to educate and prepare people how to use digital currency in the digital world, and how the model can use its resources to achieve social welfare.

Etoro emphasized that the crypto assets backed by its reserves are currently held by “over 50,000 users” and explained that the Gooddollar network will be expanded through this new referral program, which will “enhance the utility of G$ for global peers.” Peer-to-peer commerce and communities are widely used.”

According to Etoro, more and more social entrepreneurs are using Gdol to fund social projects, including soup kitchens in Israel and afforestation in Spain, both using Gooddollar.

One of the benefits of digital currencies such as G$ is that they can be directly distributed to users via mobile phones without bypassing the government. This is beneficial to countries suffering from hyperinflation. Venezuela is one of those countries, Recent report In the “Rio Times” (Rio Times), it is called “one of the fastest adopted cryptocurrencies in the world.”

So far, users of the platform have claimed more than 99 million G $. Etoro’s Gooddollar is not the only encryption project trying to create UBI digital form. Projects such as Circles, Myubi, Basic Income Earth Network and Zeropoverty are also experimenting with cryptocurrency-centric basic income concepts.

Do you support universal basic income? Let us know what you think about Gooddollar in the comments section below.

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