Eternal race -Now showing in cinemas all over the world-There are a lot of things to be shown. After all, this is the second-longest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever, with a duration of 156 minutes (including subtitles), second only to the epic legendary ending Avengers: Endgame.this Eternal race It is composed of 10 immortal creatures led by Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden and Kumer Nanjiani. Its story spans thousands of years: from Mesopotamia in 5,000 BC to London today, from the Spanish conquest in the 15th century to the Gupta Empire in 400 AD. There are legends and exhibition rubbish everywhere, but this is not enough. Eternal race The crawl that begins with three paragraphs—like Star Wars, but sadder—tells us how the eternal race was formed, their main enemy, and their purpose on earth.

It’s too much—even though it’s up to two and a half hours, Eternal race Bending under the weight of the demands placed on it. It’s like being thrown into the Avengers: Age of Ultron without knowing any previous MCU movies. To be fair, Marvel has worked on an ensemble project before: Guardians of the GalaxyIn addition to two of the five main characters of James Gunn, there is a talking tree and a rattlesnake machine. Eternal race There are ten humanoid characters that we all meet for the first time. For any screenwriter and director, this is an uphill battle, even for a director who won an Oscar for filmmaking. Earlier this year, Eternal race Director Chloe Zhao won the best film and best director awards for the TV series “Nomadic Continent” starring Francis McDormand.

The worrying thing is that Eternal race It never really felt like a Chloé Zhao movie. Although that may be because we have never seen a Zhao movie on such a scale.Until before Eternal raceZhao is known for providing lyrical exploration of the American countryside, working with non-actors as much as possible. This makes her work feel solid, realistic, and intimate, just like a documentary. Eternal race It is definitely not the case. This is a Marvel superhero movie about immortal creatures. They are not related, this movie features planet-sized giants and feels very much like the work of Marvel Studios. Of course, Zhao Cheng inherited her love of prime time location shooting, Eternal race It has an epic vision, looks beautiful, and some of its settings have a real feel. But all this is superficial.

Zhao didn’t bring the heart and soul she knew to Eternal race -On the contrary, she provided a huge and gorgeous movie, nothing to say, this is something that Marvel is often accused of.

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this Eternal race Opening the crawl tells us that the nominal creature was created by the supreme god Alisson. Think of Arishem as a super god who only deals with planetary-level conversations-this makes sense given the size of the celestial bodies themselves. Arishem sent our Eternals to protect the earth from anomalies, these ugly beasts are essentially top predators. They were instructed not to interfere in any other human conflicts. As more illustrative narratives tell us, the Eternal Race arrived on our planet more than 7,000 years ago and has lived in secret since then, splitting up in a tragedy centuries ago.

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Sersi (Gemma Chan from humans) can transform any inanimate matter and lives as an employee of the Natural History Museum in London. We have Ikaris (Richard Madden, from “Game of Thrones”), who is basically Marvel’s Superman because he can fly and shoot beams from his eyes.金戈 (Kumail Nanjiani, from Silicon Valley), who can launch an explosion from his hands, chose the peculiar disguise of Bollywood’s biggest movie star. Sprite (Lia McHugh from The Lodge) can display lifelike hallucinations and has a 12-year-old appearance. Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry, from Atlanta) Is a technical guide.

Makkari (Lauren Ridlov, from The Walking Dead) is basically Marvel’s Flash because of her super fast speed.Drug (Barry Keohane, from Dunkirk) Can take over human thoughts on a large scale. Gilgamesh (Don Lee, from the train to Busan) is the most powerful of the eternal race, and his fists can stop almost anything. Xina (Angelina Jolie), named after the goddess of war, can summon weapons out of thin air. This leaves Ajak (Salma Hayek) who has the ability to heal. More importantly, Ajak leads the group as “Prime Eternal” (she is like other people’s mother) and can talk to Arishem.

Eternal race The first half of the time spanned time to show us the team’s journey on the earth-the major events they participated in, the reasons for their division, and as the old anomalous threats reappeared, the team slowly reunited today. It may be watchable, but it is not very interesting. The frustrating thing is that Eternal race Never really brought us into these immortal but error-prone lives.

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Salma Hayek as Ajak Eternal race
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Naturally, like any movie with so many characters, some of them Eternal race Ensemble is more “primary” than others. Sersi and Ikaris get the most showtimes, meeting Chan and Madden’s highest charging standards. But their “love story spanning a thousand years” is so perfunctory, it happened in a scene and suddenly appeared. Julie is wasted on a monotonous role, which makes her star power useless for all but one scene. Hayek, who was worried that Marvel would give her the role of a grandmother, eventually did so more or less because her role as the mother of the eternal race was cut off.

A major character takes a short break from the third act of the battle-even if they magically return to the end, no one talks about their absence. Madden’s “Game of Thrones” co-star Kit Harrington played a small role, essentially a backdoor pilot for his future MCU adventures.

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Even people like Phastos and Makkari were basically relegated to the sidelines.It feels like an extra betrayal Eternal race Known as Marvel’s most diverse movie to date. (Yes, I know this is a very low standard and it should happen sooner.) Phastos and Makkari are MCU’s first gay and deaf superheroes, respectively, but their existence is minimal and fleeting. I am really surprised to see that the Indian censorship committee has not cut down on gay kisses. This is a crime they have committed in the past. There is even a short PG-13 friendly sex scene, this is the first time for Marvel.

Eternal race Also plagued by Marvel’s villain problem. Deviant is not funny at all-the fact that they can’t speak largely contributes to this. Oops, despite repeated appearances, some of them don’t even have names. One didn’t appear until three quarters of the movie.

The only refreshing aspect is the comedy relief provided by Kingo and his personal servant Karun (Harish Patel, from Gunda) carrying a camera. Kingo seems to be the only person in Eternals with a sense of humor—and Nanjiani and Patel breathe life into the movie. Frankly speaking, the frequency with which Patel ends up stealing shots in a movie full of stars is surprising. This may also be because everyone except Kingo is trapped in the role of gods under the weight of the universe.

Thanks to the duo, Eternal race The fourth wall was also broken because Karen took the camera to track Jin Ge everywhere, allowing some laughter and exaggerated nonsense to remove the dramatic tension.It is through Jin Ge and Karen that Zhao is the closest to any kind of sharp comment-I can’t say whether it is intentional, but there are some lines Eternal race Cut deeply into Bollywood. This makes me wonder who is responsible for writing this insight in the committee.

The humor also comes from characters that refer to other MCU characters and events — Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) got a nod — even jumped into its competitor DC Comics, with a few jokes to compare Eternal raceThe role of Alfred Peniworth, the butler of Superman and Batman.

From Eternal race Arriving in Maca, what to see in November

Eternity review kumail nanjiani gemma chan lia mchuugh eternity

Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Gemma Chan as Sersi, and Lia McHugh as Sprite Eternal race
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Eternal race‘The sequence of actions is nothing special. If you hope that Zhao’s love of lingering lenses will lead to longer stunt shots, then be prepared to be disappointed. In fact, its editing and editing are very similar to any Marvel movie.Award-winning filmmaker Lucresia Martel revealed that she rejected Marvel Black widow After they proposed the “care” sequence of actions. I may be completely wrong here, but Zhao doesn’t seem to be responsible for the blockbuster. Yes, there are some styles of flashes that use unique abilities and show their extraordinary nature of superpowers in interesting ways, but this is rare and unforgettable.

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The most promising gold nugget Eternal race Offer is a way of splitting values ​​within the team-they disagree on many topics, which is why they take their own different paths. (This also helps Eternal race‘Great point, I will not enter. ) This is most clearly expressed by Druger, as he said, he can easily resolve all human disputes in the blink of an eye. However, human beings will not learn and develop, retorted. When you are asked to stand by when you have the power of a god, it may weigh heavily on anyone’s shoulders. Eternal race It needs to be better extended along these directions-but it doesn’t know how to do it. Instead, it just provides us with a lot of exposition. The characters stand around and argue, and there is almost no motivation to move forward or urgency of narrative.

with Eternal race, The MCU gods took center stage. Yes, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) has existed from the beginning, and we let ourselves (played by Kurt Russell)-a god-appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But until now, Marvel has never set foot in the creation myth.Disney+ series Rocky Briefly talked about the MCU’s lack of free will, and Eternal race Go deeper. Although the result is very complicated. Eternal race Suppose these 10 people have shaped human history. It’s ok. However, to say that the eternal race is responsible for the worst impulses and calculations of mankind is to eliminate the evil that mankind itself is capable of doing. Human beings are their own worst enemy-we don’t need God to roll dice to determine our behavior and destiny.

No matter who is hired for this job, Eternal race It will always be an ambitious movie. Despite the long running time, stuffed with more than a dozen characters and a cross-age legend seems too ambitious. Zhao admitted this: “It might be longer! You know, it’s ten characters, celestial bodies, and 7000 years. There are many things to happen.” But the strange thing is, Eternal race It felt like it was carefully planned for most of the 156 minutes before being thrown into the abyss. This will tilt the balance and sink the ship. Zhao unfolds the story of the Eternal Race on an epic, elaborate stage, even though it is ultimately a double-edged sword. We got a magnificent myth about the creation of the (Marvel) universe, and a background story about its nominally immortal creatures. But we never really have time to get to know them, care about them, or establish contact with them.

Eternal race It will be screened in cinemas around the world on Friday, November 5th. in India, Eternal race Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

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