The concept of the new Netflix original Enola Holmes It sounds like a Hollywood machine speeding: what if Holmes had an equally smart teenage sister? But this is actually based on the best-selling book of the same name by the American author Nancy Springer (published between 2006 and 2010). Its Netflix adaptation is produced by actors and film crews all over the UK, and it fits this environment very well. Although it is not particularly ambitious, it is a joyful, family-friendly outing. Its tortuous plot is not as interesting as the nickname Sherlock Holmes. Instead of showing the deductive reasoning ability of the nominal heroine, Enola Holmes It seems to be more interested in her physical ability. In this way, Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes Cumberbatch Sherlock.

If that’s because Enola Holmes Creator-Harry Bradbeer (Flea bag, “Hilling Eve” director Jack Thorne’s script (his “ Matter”, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”)-thinks the target audience of the film cannot keep up . However, turning all the puzzles into anagrams is not the only example of this problem. Enola Holmes There is also a habit of tapping the same point over and over again, including basic things like Enola’s backward spelling “basic”, and using quick flashbacks to remind us of events and information that were communicated less than half an hour ago. . Enola Holmes It feels like a movie made for the TikTok generation. They can’t lift their heads from their phones long enough to watch a two-hour movie.

Part of the Netflix movie redeemed itself is its theme. With its environment (England at the end of the 19th century) and the protagonist (a knowledgeable girl), Enola Holmes Of course it is the story of feminism. It further supplements this from several perspectives: a reform bill, middle-aged men trying to maintain the status quo, women’s radical women’s senator movement, women’s power patriarchal schools, and Enola’s equal rights champion mother Eudoria Holmes ( Helena Bonham Carter).

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Someone talked about the glory of England and preserved life instead of asking “what could it be?”. Through its female character, Enola Holmes Provides a somewhat puzzling course that those non-politicians can only afford, because the world is designed for them. This is a clear shot of today’s centrists and the centrists sitting on the fence when the world is burning. The film attempts to young audiences, reminding them that “the future depends on us.”

From boy to Enola Holmes, Must see in September

Enola Holmes The ceremony of the unveiling ceremony was provided by the nominee (Millie Bobby Brown), and the fourth wall was heavily sprinkled. The last point (for the camera) is the work of the Emmy award-winning director you expect, Flea bagAmong them, the creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) also contributed very high. Enola explained that her mother (Carter)’s father died, and after many of her brothers-Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) left, she shared what appeared to be Perfect life. Her mother is her whole world, Enola summarises. On Enola’s sixteenth birthday, everything fell apart and Enola woke up to find that her mother had left her for no reason.

Since there is no adult to supervise her, Enola’s brothers rarely return to China. Not only did they not recognize her first because of her messy expression, but the upright Mycroft-this version of the biggest Holmes siblings is not smart, jealous of Sherlock and Enola’s brain power, and more concerned about the Holmes family-quickly decided Packed Enola to a secondary school, and then received an education to become a young lady. But he does not mean the education you are considering. When Enola said she didn’t need a husband, Mycroft (the person who mocked feminism) said that it required “an education from your side.” With the death of her mother, Enola is now Mycroft’s ward, she must do what he says, Sherlock (who knows her better) is unwilling to stand up.

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Except Enola has grown up thinking for herself. Realizing that words will not change the future decided by her brother, Enola decides to sneak to London, hoping to find her mother in the big city. There is not enough plot to advance the story, Enola Holmes Brings a plot involving a helpless boy in Enola’s time. The full name of a master’s slogan is Viscount Tewksbury (Viscount Tewksbury) of Louis Partridge of Brazil. Tewksbury is also on the run like Enola, and Netflix movies set him as the lover of the future. Enola Holmes Hope to sway between the two narrative clues (the mother and the Max case), hope to tie them together, but cannot repay each other organically in a satisfactory way.

Neptune, Enola Holmes, And more on Netflix in September

Millie Bobby Brown (Millie Bobby Brown) as Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge (Louis Partridge) as Tewksbury
Image Credit: Alex Bailey/Legend

It does not make full use of its main adult role, which is of no avail.Sherlock is present Enola Holmes Both times were limited to brotherly support, although the second time was also a trick to help myself. After all, for Sherlock, the disappearance of their mother is another to be solved. Enola does not want to be mysterious. She just wants her life. Sherlock made Enola a detective by his own ability, but Cavill’s role was insufficient. More importantly, the mother Eudoria mainly exists in those places that rebound quickly. In these repercussions, she has always insisted on clichés. As a result, Carter was marginalized in the film and rarely found a suitable scene opposite Brown, where she became a fully realized character.

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Enola Holmes The 16-year-old “Stranger Things” star (the same age as the character she played) walked right on the head of the protagonist, full of charm and charming, and brought the movie to her young shoulders . Crucially, Brown assumes another adult role, which is very different from her first Netflix startup. However, it may fill her with more layers and make her more complicated.It can be said like this Enola Holmes, Especially in the sagging central region, but due to its youthful vigorous youth, this Netflix movie managed to be enough to play the role of the series’ starting. Enola Holmes Learned from Springer’s first book “The Case of the Marquis” in 2006, and there are five more books waiting.

They may not be second to none on Netflix.Warner Bros. has a drama plan Enola Holmes But because of the pandemic, it ended up directly into streaming. Currently, a new game is coming.

Enola Holmes It will be broadcast on Netflix in India and elsewhere on September 23.

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