Back in January, the notorious Craig Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and asked his lawyer to write to and many other websites, telling them to delete the hosting on their portals. Bitcoin white paper. On January 31st, owner Cobra claimed that after the person discovered the anonymous owner’s phone number, he was threatened by Bitcoinsv supporters. In addition, the Encrypted Open Patent Alliance (COPA) organization has reached out to the trustworthy legal team to seek more information about copyright ownership claims.

Cobra refused to stop custody of the Bitcoin white paper, allegedly threatened by Bitcoin supporters

Not long ago, Craig Wright’s lawyers came from Ontier LLP law firm. They have sent letters to various websites telling them to delete the Bitcoin white paper from the website. The claim was of course controversial, and the owner of the website refused to delete the file.

On February 3, 2021, the owner of called himself “Cobra” Said “Today is the deadline for me to stop hosting the white paper, otherwise I will be prosecuted. Still.” Three days before the deadline, Cobra also said that he received death threats from Bitcoin (BSV) supporters.

“I received death threats from related personnel in the BSV community,” Cobra Tweet. “This person somehow discovered one of my business numbers, called me, and made it clear that once they found my personal information, they would’shoot me.’

Despite Wright’s legal efforts, the issue of the Bitcoin white paper also caused a large number of websites to host the paper. Not only did the company participate in the campaign, the Estonian e-residence website now also hosts the white paper, and Jehudi Castro, an adviser to the President of Colombia, added the white paper to the Colombian government website.

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COPA challenges Wright’s copyright claims

In addition, the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) organization is also involved.

COPA has Sent a letter Tell the law firm Ontier LLP that the organization will need more evidence to support Wright’s claims. There are 9 questions in total, which are based on the assertion that Wright is Nakamoto and the author of the paper.

COPA requested the exact date when Wright allegedly wrote the paper and his address at the time. The organization asked for information about anyone who might have helped write the white paper, and further asked whether Ontier’s customers have the copyright since the white paper was written.

The alliance will give Wright and Until about two weeks to answer questions and letters. After submitting the COPA letter, Square Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey retweeted the letter and said “100%.” Cobra also retweeted COPA’s tweets and letters, and Square Crypto tweeted “We don’t care who created Bitcoin, only who did not.”

The entire crypto community is not satisfied with Wright’s patent and copyright claims

Many digital asset fans who support crypto assets other than Litecoin are not satisfied with Wright’s latest move. Even supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) usually have nothing to do with the BSV ecosystem due to all legal threats and copyright/patent disputes.

“I don’t use Bitcoin SV because I don’t want my Bitcoin transaction fees to undermine other projects and public interests in the Bitcoin field and other fields of cryptocurrency through copyright protection to support the operation of certain litigation companies. [plus] Patent trolls, and worse,” the Twitter account called @btcfork write.

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“This is also one of my strong concerns about BSV,” Blockchain developer Jonathan Silverblood Response write To @btcfork tweet. Silverblood added: “Although I feel welcomed by many community members, I still don’t feel welcome throughout the ecosystem.”

This has always been a common argument against the Bitcoin (BSV) ecosystem, and under Wright’s leadership, the supporters of the agreement seem unable to move on. Many BSV supporters (but not all) firmly believe that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto and also support the copyright statement.

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