Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that because the price of cryptocurrencies has continued to decline in recent weeks, he has not sold Dogecoin and will not sell any Dogecoin. After Tesla suspended accepting Bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns, “Dogefather” has been collaborating with Dogecoin developers to “improve system transaction efficiency.”

Elon Musk will not sell his Dogecoin

Elon Musk confirmed this week that he did not sell any Dogecoins and will not sell any Dogecoins.Tesla CEO Thursday Published An image on Twitter with a question: “How much is the governor in the window?”

Elon Musk stated that he would not sell any Dogecoins and admitted that he is the

Twitter user “Dave Lee” Respond to“If you missed it, this is a sticker on Elon Musk’s gaming laptop. Yes, that is the dog on a bill.” Musk clarified: “For a long time, Tes Ra’s supporters gave me the Doge dollar tag on the Berlin Giga.”

Lee further tweeted: “For clarification, I don’t think Elon will sell anything held by his governor. He is the ultimate liar.” Tesla’s technical confirmation:

Yes, I have not and will not sell any governors.

Elon Musk stated that he would not sell any Dogecoins and admitted that he is the

In addition to the tweet posted on February 10, it is unknown how much “Dogecoin” Musk actually owns. “He bought some Dogecoin for lil X, so he can become a toddler.” People speculate about anything from he doesn’t own any DOGE to he is a Dogecoin whale. Bitcoin News reported on Friday that Musk may be the owner of the mysterious Dogecoin whale address that currently holds 36.7 billion Dogecoins. The price of DOGE is currently $0.3560.

Elon Musk stated that he would not sell any Dogecoins and admitted that he is the
The price chart of Dogecoin. Source: Markets.Bitcoin.com

Musk has previously expressed some concerns about memetic cryptocurrencies. He said in February: “Concentration is the only real problem, and if they want, I will actually pay in U.S. dollars. [dogecoin whales] It just invalidates their account. “

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However, he has been talking about Dogecoin recently, calling himself Dogecoin many times, including during the Saturday Night Live (SNL) performance on May 8. Musk’s company Spacex also announced the launch of the Doge-1 satellite to the moon. next year. On May 11, Musk conducted a poll on Twitter asking his followers whether Tesla should accept Dogecoin; 78.2% of voters said yes.

After announcing that Tesla has suspended accepting Bitcoin payments, Musk revealed that he is “cooperating with Doge developers to improve system transaction efficiency.” On May 15, he tweeted: “Ideally, the Governor will The block time has been shortened by 10 times, the block size has been increased by 10 times, and the transaction fee has been reduced by 100 times. Then he won.” His comments caused widespread scrutiny in the crypto community.

As for whether Tesla will sell its BTC holdings, Mush wrote on Twitter: “Tesla has [diamond hands emojis]”And “Credit to our coin master.” Both Musk and Tesla have confirmed that Tesla did not sell their bitcoins, while Musk said he did not sell bitcoins.

At the same time, the environmental debate between Musk and the Bitcoin community has intensified, and more and more people are trying to show Musk that he has been misled. For example, Ark Invest stated that Bitcoin mining may have a positive impact on the environment, while Shark Tank star Mark Cuban explained that accepting Bitcoin is actually good for the environment.

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