In addition to being a voice supporter of cryptocurrency, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also confirmed that his biography was written by Walter Isaacson. The author is known for his popular biography of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who was a professor at Tulane University. This will be Musk’s second biography, the first written by Ashlee Vance. The title of the first book is “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Exploration of a Better Future”, and it was named the best of 2015 by a number of US publications including Fast Company, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal One of the books.

Musk took Twitter It was announced that his second biography was written by Walter Isaacson. His tweet read: “If you are curious about Tesla, SpaceX and my general situation, @WalterIsaacson is writing a biography.” He did not specify how far this biography has been written or when it will be on the shelves. This biography will gain insights into his two companies-Tesla and SpaceX-and introduce Musk’s personal life in detail.

In a recent Yahoo Finance interview, Isaacson compared the CEO of Tesla with the CEO of Apple. “In some ways, he is the Steve Jobs of our time, he is crazy enough to think he can change the world, so he may be one of the people who really change the world,” he said.

Last October, it was reported that HBO was developing a six-episode limited series based on Ashlee Vance’s 2015 best-selling Musk biography. This series will tell the story of a team of SpaceX engineers who were selected by Musk to build a rocket and launch it into orbit (Falcon 1), and then delivered the first ever reusable rocket that can land vertically (Hunting). Eagle 9). SpaceX is the first private company to put a rocket into orbit and the first private company to make a reusable rocket. According to the report, the billionaire executive was not directly involved in the project. It is said that the executive producers of the HBO SpaceX series include Channing Tatum and Doug Jung.

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