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Elon Musk confirmed that he was rejected by Netscape in 1995 in response to Twitter users

Elon Musk’s career path is of course well known. He is one of the richest people on the planet and the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. However, although we may know where he studied and worked, the place where he was rejected is still somewhat mysterious. However, due to the exposure of Twitter users earlier this week, we learned that Musk had been looking for work in Internet companies in the 90s and tried in 1995 and failed to get a position in the startup Netscape.

The fact is that in 1995, Musk wanted to cooperate with Netscape, an Internet, software and telecommunications company founded in 1994, and he even shared his resume with recruiters. However, it turns out that he did not get the job. Twitter user @PPathole shared the story on the Weibo site and attached a picture of Musk who looked young, adding that Musk was working hard to find performances while creating his own internet company.

“In 1995, @elonmuskwanted wanted to work for an Internet company. He applied for a job at Netscape, sent his resume and tried to hang out in their lobby, but he was shy and couldn’t talk to anyone. So he opened his own Internet Company (Zip2) because he cannot find a job anywhere,” the user second tweet, The user added: “@elonmusk and his company (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, Boring) make me feel inspired and excited about the future of this human being.

He hardly knew that the third richest person on the planet would notice his tweets and even respond to them. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX corrected his fans, saying that he could find a job, but he could not work for an Internet company. Musk added that there were not many at that time.

Now, if you follow Musk on Twitter, you will know that he is an absolute champion of market advice, memes and weird reactions on social media. Musk’s response was widely circulated, with more than 89,000 people like his tweets. Many people praised how far the billionaire has gone since that day.

One user said: “This proves that if a person can’t find a job somewhere, it doesn’t mean that person has no potential. Tesla has more value than Netscape.”

Another said: “Now I bet they hope they hired you.”

Another fan of the Tesla CEO wrote: “Look at where you are now and what you have achieved, everything is moving in the best direction.”

Here are some more reactions:

Elon Musk has been competing with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos for the position of the richest man on the planet, and according to the “Forbes” ranking, it is currently second only to Bezos. Bernard Arnault & Family (Bernard Arnault & Family) from LMVH, ranked third. According to a report, Musk’s wealth has increased nearly five times over last year.

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