In February, Elon Musk’s Tesla became the first car company in the world to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for vehicles. Now, if there is a tweet from the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX to buy, then the electric car company may soon accept Dogecoin as a payment method. Two days after mentioning Dogecoin, Musk started this memetic currency with a meme, a “hustle” on Tuesday’s comedy sketch show, and posed a question to his Twitter followers. The CEO of Tesla has a staggering 54 million followers on Weibo, and he interacts with them regularly.

Today, his favorite theme is cryptocurrency, especially Dogecoin, which currently has a market value of more than 60 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 440,400 crore). This billionaire has also called himself “Dogefather” in the past. On Tuesday, he asked a key question: “Do you want Tesla to accept the Governor?”

At the time of writing, the vast majority of people who registered opinions were 3,775,223, and they agreed that Tesla would allow Doge as a payment method. Although 78% of respondents wanted Tesla to accept Dogecoin, fewer than 22% opposed this idea. However, some people expressed excitement about Musk’s tweets.

@davidgokhshtein user wrote: “DOGE is about to disappear from this galaxy.”

Of course, others simply said that at the time of writing, the results of the opinion polls were overwhelmingly positive.

Last Sunday, after SpaceX’s CEO commented on Saturday Night Live (SNL), the price of this cryptocurrency fell by more than a third. Musk said in one of the show’s market segments that virtual currency is a kind of “hustle and bustle.” Despite this, there are still many people who insist on using cryptocurrency.

However, some people continue to be suspicious of both Tesla and cryptocurrencies.

However, on the same day, he sent a tweet, no one thought. “SpaceX will launch the satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year. The mission is paid in the governor. The first cryptocurrency in space. The first meme is in space. To mooooonnn!” After SNL appeared on the second day, Musk said Tweeted.

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Earlier this year, Tesla’s CEO announced that electric car manufacturers are now accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method.