Electronic Arts has just had its biggest year in history. On Tuesday, the gaming giant headquartered in Redwood City, announced that, driven by Apex Legends and FIFA 21, it has created record revenue and sales in the 2020-21 fiscal year. EA’s net income was US$5.63 billion (approximately Rs 41,361 crore). Revenue in the past fiscal year reached 6.19 billion U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 45,475 crore), and “net bookings” (including digital and physical sales) including products and services reached 6.19 billion U.S. dollars. Of the latter, US$4.6 billion (approximately Rs 33,794 crore) comes from “real-time services”, which refers to in-game microtransactions and subscription revenue generated by EA Play.

EA chief financial officer and chief operating officer Blake Jorgensen (Blake Jorgensen) said: “From a certain perspective, $4.6 billion is equivalent to the sale of about 130 million console games.” [PDF] At the earnings call on Tuesday. Jorgensen focused on the free shooting game “Apex Legends”, [PDF] The “Best Day, Best 24-Hour Time, Best Week, Best Month, and Best In-Game Events” of the 2020-21 EA Champions. Apex Legends has brought in revenue of US$600 million (approximately Rs 4,407 crore) for EA. In the past quarter, net bookings so far US$1 billion (approximately Rs 7,346 crore). With the launch of Apex Legends Mobile, the game will be further expanded in 2021-22.

As for “FIFA 21”, the Ultimate Team (self-proclaimed Cornerstone) has had an amazing year. The game has increased by 180% over the same period last year, and the number of players has increased by 16% to more than 20 million. Jorgensen that FIFA’s franchise is much larger-FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online are also available in certain markets 4-Now it attracts more than 100 million players worldwide. FIFA 21 has more than 25 million players on PCs and consoles. “The Sims 4” was released in 2014, but has been providing updated support since then, and has now grown to nearly 36 million players. In 2020-21, the EA Championship attracted a total of 42 million new players.

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Looking ahead, in addition to Apex Legends Mobile, EA will also launch the Mass Effect Legendary Edition later this week. Then in the second week of May 21, EA’s original game title Knockout City appeared, directly EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The F21 2021 race will be held on July 16. The F12021 competition will be handled by Codemasters, which EA now owns. FIFA22 and Madden NFL 22 games will be held in the second quarter of 2022 (July to September). “Battlefield 6” and NHL 22 are to be released in the third quarter of 2022 (October to December). In this way, the new PGA Tour golf championship title is expected to appear in the fourth quarter of 2022 (between January and 2022).

Most of these games will be exhibited on EA Play Live in 2021, and the game will be released on July 22, one month after E3 2021 in June. According to EA, driven by these new titles and annual releases (in addition to the Apex Legends behemoth now), EA expects its net bookings to further increase to US$7.3 billion (approximately 53,607 million in fiscal year 2021-22). Rupee), an increase of 18% over the previous fiscal year. It just set the history record.

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