Press release. The Yield Trust team from Stockholm, Sweden is ready to release its new DeFi protocol for public access, providing users with exciting and unique technologies to ultimately defeat market manipulation and reduce the impact of whales on the market. The protocol will begin to be ported to Polkadot after the release of all important features, and it may become one of the largest multi-chain DeFi projects in the industry.

What makes Yield Trust so unique?

Yield Trust is part of the large Yield Trust agreement, which will include more features in the future to build around the main governance that will control the entire ecosystem of dApps.

It is built for users who are not users, which implies that the trust scoring system treats everyone as one person.

The advantage of Main Yield Trust is that it is not another compiled project of another project or imitator or fork. It brings absolutely new features to the decentralized financial scope.

The upcoming features of the revenue trust protocol

►Trust Score (Money Agency)

The system rewards holders and punishes manipulators by restricting whales. Trust score is an internal smart contract variable that applies to everyone, but only those who manipulate the token price are restricted. The smart contract as a currency agent will determine whether the user violates the trust score.

► Guaranteed agriculture

It is a new income farming method in which users obtain hidden tokens instead of gaining nothing by depositing liquidity or tokens in the pool. Cover token represents the liquidity ratio of this pair of fund pools. It is served by a separate smart contract and can be redeemed at any time.

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► Early recommendation plan airdrop

In addition to discarding tokens, there is also a referral program to reward the most active users in the community for disseminating information about Yield Trust. Everyone who joins will be allocated 1,000 tokens.

Token indicator

  • 48.3% – Dapps and rewards
  • 30%-pre-sale allocation
  • 15%-initial liquidity (permanently locked)
  • 3.3%-team
  • 3.3%-recommended plan

Pre-sale information

By participating in the exclusive pre-sale through from 3 p.m. (UTC) on October 30th to 3 p.m. (UTC) on November 8th, Yield Trust will enable Yield Trust ($YTRU) governance tokens to be accessed.

At the end of the pre-sale, the YTRU/ETH pair will be listed on Uniswap, and the initial liquidity will be permanently increased and locked in. After deployment, the repository with the protocol source code will be available on Github.

  • 1 ETH = 15 yen
  • Soft cap: 400 ETH
  • Hard cap: 600 ETH
  • Pre-sale distribution: 9,000 YTRU
  • Maximum supply: 30,000 YTRU
  • Unsold tokens: burn proportionally
  • Personal upper limit: no upper limit
  • The pre-sale venue rebounded.

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