Press release. The blockchain-based virtual reality platform Dvision Network has finally released its first limited edition NFT product, which will be auctioned on the OpenSea Marketplace. Dvision in a tweet On March 30, 2021

The first role of Dvision Boy in the limited edition series

According to the tweet, the first item to be auctioned is the “Dvision Boy” character. The NFT character is the first character in the highly anticipated limited edition series, which will usher in a new era for the Dvision ecosystem.

The auction on the OpenSea Market will start at 3 pm (KST) on March 31 and last for a week. NFT enthusiasts and investors will be able to bid on NFT projects until the deadline has passed.

Dvision Boy It is the first and major NFT character to be used as an avatar in Dvision Metaverse. Dvision further revealed that when Dvision Metaverse is fully launched later this year, those who purchase “Dvision Boy” will be entitled to various rewards.

It should be noted that Dvision Network revealed as early as March 15 that it plans to release five of its limited edition NFT characters. The blockchain platform also stated that these roles will be auctioned on the OpenSea market one at a time.

Dvision Boy is the first of these five roles, and buyers will have exclusive access to NFT assets from the limited edition series launched on the Dvision NFT market. In addition, Dvision Network will also add other incentives, including other limited edition series of NFTs, which can be traded on the primary and secondary markets.

NFT is a key aspect of Dvision Network

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NFT has recently taken a dominant position in the encryption field, and more and more people produce digital versions of their works and sell them on different NFT markets. As a virtual reality blockchain platform, NFT represents an important part of the Dvision ecosystem.

Dvision is currently developing its local NFT market, which will enable users to create and sell NFT projects. In addition, the platform will release more NFT projects in the coming weeks, which will play a key role in its metaverse.

In addition to developing NFTs, Dvision Network is also working to list its native token DVI on multiple exchanges.

A few weeks ago, Dvision Network revealed that it has won the Bithumb Open championship. As a result, the DVI token was listed on the Korean Won market of the exchange on March 29, 2021.

This means that Bithumb has added the DVI/KRW trading pair, thereby exposing the token to more traders and investors.

DVI was previously listed as a DVI/BTC pair on Bithumb, and this development is a major development of the blockchain platform. Partnerships have been established with new partners in recent weeks, and Dvision Network continues to grow.

Division Network announced on the 30th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with China’s largest VR service platform ZMVR. According to the agreement, the two parties will create mutual benefits and discover potential business opportunities through the development and construction of blockchain-based VR solution technology. In addition, the two platforms will share information needed to promote and market affiliated products and services.

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About Dvision Network

Dvision network Provide web-based real-time streaming 3D VR metaverse services so that users can easily experience metaverse content such as expos and games. On the Division platform, anyone can easily create NFT projects without any development-related expertise. Division’s NFT trading system achieves profit by directly contacting creators and consumers without intermediaries. This helps to connect the virtual world with reality.

All of these products are powered by the Dvision Network utility token DVI, which has been listed on multiple exchanges including Uniswap, Bithumb, Coinone, and Hoo.

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