The people among us have gone from relatively obscure memes to ubiquitous memes, but why? Thanks to the game “Among Us” in 2018, small creatures performing tasks and calling each other “sus” are taking over the Internet. If it’s not straightforward, then memes about colorful astronauts (or aliens?) and tweets about missions and imposters have brought all of us among us.

Among them, we are a released by InnerSloth in 2018-when Corona was just beer, we could buy groceries without feeling like ninjas. At that time, meeting friends was not a radical move, but just an ordinary thing that we all often do. Maybe this is why the game got such an average response when it was released. However, in 2020, it has become another way to form and embrace virtual connections.

In the past two months, downloads of the have surged. According to Sensor Tower’s data, after the surge in installations in August and September, the total number of downloads on mobile devices by “among us” has reached 86.6 million. When we first launched it in 2018, we generated less than 1,000 downloads in August. In August 2020, the number of installs for the game was 18,000 times that number.

The 45 days in August and September accounted for 70% of the lifetime downloads of the game. Much of the popularity of “Among Us” can be attributed to popular content creators who broadcast games live on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and memes that make you want to be part of the inner joke.

But in essence, it is a simple that everyone can play, and it ultimately relates to whether you can trust someone. This is a game that makes you feel very basic to each other. There is no skill to rehearse a perfect shot or come up with an excellent combat strategy. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are eager more than ever to connect and distract with people, and these tiny, imperfect people are struggling with their jobs, can they? trust each other.

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“I play with us for about 30 minutes every night-if I find a sensible group and don’t vote without discussing it first, sometimes more,” said Ashish Kutchi, an AI engineer. “I watched a lot of videos and came across memes based on the game, which makes me like playing it too.”

What makes us unique is that there is nothing unique about it. The plot is familiar and very simple-complete your mission and try to avoid being killed. On the surface, this is also what we do every day in reality; perhaps this is the theme that it recurs in the game. Just like mafia or other social games, you need to be alert to bad guys and vote for them when you have the opportunity. Very simple, non- players can also play the game, and you can play, because you can play with just one finger, point and click something on the screen, and then argue with the people who voted in the chat.

The coronavirus keeps us physically away from each other, so multiplayer games allow us to swim unimpeded in a virtual environment. The rising popularity of Ludo King, codename and Fall-Guys shows that gaming is becoming a way for us to feel more humane again.

Although it is fun to play with strangers, “Among Us” is the best when playing with a group of friends. Some people use Discord servers when playing games, which means they can talk-and yell at each other-instead of relying on the basic chat feature of the game.

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“My friends and I take time to play games. Everyone works from home, so we usually play at night.” Musician Yash Jain said, he particularly likes the skills and plans involved in the game.

Those of us can play via local Wi-Fi or online with friends or strangers. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store. There are four to ten players in each -tiny, brightly colored characters ready to leave in the spaceship. When everyone else is “novice”, a few players are “imposters”. Their job is to kill the crew and destroy the ship-it’s messy and fun.

You can customize the characters by changing the color of the characters and giving them weird hats (including cheese blocks, flamingos and flowers). You can also choose a name for yourself in the game. Although this is nothing special, the colorful characters in the spaceship will become very interesting when you watch Trump, Bablu, and Manu. Especially when they wear funny hats.

Like many things reawakened on the Internet, memes play an important role in injecting new life into the .A Twitter account dedicated to Twitter The struggle between us Has more than 360,000 followers, and a series of memes and tweets. The words “emergency meeting”, “Sus” and “Imposter” may not mean anything to you if you have not played a game, but once you have it, it is easy to communicate and laugh. Playing games is like part of an internal joke, many parts of the Internet are already in use-who doesn’t want to?

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Among us, no specific skills or too many attempts are required to make it correct. Each usually only lasts about ten minutes, which also makes it a investment that does not require much time or effort. When I participated in the third game, I had figured out how to complete the task. I was also called the “idiot sandwich” with a group of strangers called GreaseBall.

The most exciting part of the is definitely the meeting-this is the only time you will chat with each other. In these meetings, you will debate who is the killer before choosing who. Some of us may be a little confused, but for some, this is what makes it so interesting.

“Everyone is in dissonance, everyone is talking and entertaining, so it’s really great, especially because we can’t meet each other,” when I asked him what attracted him to the field, he was a Video editing. Another 22-year-old student, who asked not to be named, told me how the idea of ​​betrayal and murder attracted her into the game-and the person she had a crush on wanted to play with someone.

Whether you are following the news cycle, tracking local COVID-19 cases, or just want to keep alive, this can be exhausting. Among us, it is easy to be distracted, which allows us to escape the deep-rooted vicious circle. Even if we fight for voting rights in spacecraft, this is another clue that unites us.

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