Dropbox Spaces has added new features and improvements to help improve collaboration. Last year, Dropbox Spaces was launched as a virtual collaborative workspace. The new space has several interrelated parts. Teams can use Dropbox Spaces to collaborate on content, communicate with each other, and coordinate projects. With all content accessible on one platform, users can access files without jumping between applications. The enhanced Dropbox Spaces is now available in private Beta, but a wider launch is expected soon.

Dropbox Spaces integrates files, cloud content, tasks, notes, and schedules for team access. Users can create and share specific projects with their teams so that everyone can work on the same virtual surface. You can view all the people involved and control who can access the space.

The improved Dropbox Spaces will help users prioritize their work by creating tasks, adding project milestones and managing schedules. It will provide a single view of high-priority tasks, so you can plan accordingly. You can categorize and view project tasks in the list or in the calendar view. Users can post and monitor updates across the entire team through Dropbox Spaces, as well as reply and leave feedback directly.

“Since its launch last year, Spaces has developed into an independent virtual workspace. The new Spaces brings projects and teams together so you can collaborate efficiently from launch to delivery.” Dropbox noted in a blog.

Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, JPEG files, Trello panels are some content formats that can be added to Space without having to move them from their original location. Dropbox said that even after the project ends, Spaces will still be accessible.

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As mentioned above, the new Dropbox Spaces is currently available in Beta. You can go here to request access.

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