The “Anonymous”-an international hacker group-targeted Elon Musk’s threatening video, which received more than 2 million views within a few days of its release. “You may think you are the smartest person in the world, but now you have met your opponent. We are anonymous, we are the legion”, this is the narrator’s closing remarks. the reason? The organization’s Internet team stated that they plan to target Tesla and SpaceX CEOs through his tweets because he affects the cryptocurrency market too frequently and easily.

Soon after the video was released, people on the Internet, especially those on Twitter, wondered whether this message (watch the video) to Musk really came from a notorious group.

@YourAnonNews, one of Anonymous’s largest accounts, denies publishing the video, but instead directs users to another anonymous account @BscAnon with nearly 15,000 followers.

“Although we have provided the best service to many of our new #Crypto and #Bitcoin fans in the ongoing quarrel with @ElonMusk, we believe that the account you are looking for is @BscAnon. (Who is not @YourAnonNews),” @YourAnonNews Tweet.

@BscAnon is the next to deny that they are a “threat” to Musk. “This is not the video we recorded for Elon Musk,” @BscAnon tweeted.

But a third anonymous account, named @YourAnonCentral, posted a YouTube link to the video message on Twitter. The account has 5.7 million followers on Twitter. “It seems that your quest to save the world is more rooted in a sense of superiority and savior complex than a genuine concern for humans,” it said, citing the narrator in the video.

In his video message, because of Musk’s power in the cryptocurrency market, Anonymous seemed extremely dissatisfied with him.

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“Reading the comments on your Twitter posts, it seems that the games you play on the crypto market have destroyed lives,” Anonymous said. “Millions of retail investors really count on their crypto gains to improve their lives. This is something you will never understand, because you were born in the stolen wealth of the apartheid emerald mine in South Africa and did not Know what the working people in the world are like most people are struggling with,” the organization told Musk.

The organization admits that people who invest in cryptocurrency are acting according to their wishes, “but your tweet this week obviously ignores ordinary workers.”

“When hard-working people’s dreams are shattered because you lose your temper in public, you continue to laugh at them with the meme of one of your million-dollar mansions,” it said.

Although there is no anonymous account claiming responsibility for it except for @YourAnonCentral sharing messages on its handle, others have pointed out that this does not mean that hackers collectively do not participate or will not participate.

Cryptocurrency enthusiast Musk tweeted about digital assets almost every day, even calling himself “Dogefather” in the past. Recently, the billionaire has posted more and more tweets about Dogecoin on Twitter. Dogecoin is a dog-themed Shiba Inu digital currency that was originally just a memetic joke. With the support of Musk and other celebrities, the price of Dogecoin in India has soared.

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On Thursday, Musk once again tweeted a mysterious tweet, which many people interpreted as the breakup of the billionaire and cryptocurrency, which directly affected the price of Bitcoin in Indian rupees. The tweet included a Bitcoin logo and a heartbroken emoji.

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