DMEX is a decentralized anonymous margin trading exchange that does not require KYC checks. You only need to generate a wallet inside the application to start trading.


because DMEX According to the smart contract operation, you do not need to register your personal information. Just generate a new wallet in the app and start trading immediately.

Asynchronous matching engine

Most decentralized exchanges provide synchronous transaction execution, which means you must wait for the last transaction to be recorded on the blockchain before executing a new transaction. DMEX However, the latest matching engine has been implemented, which can track your account balance while still confirming transactions on the blockchain. This means that you can execute multiple transactions at once, and these transactions will be recorded in the same block, providing you with the same experience as a centralized exchange like BitMEX.

Instant withdrawal

After confirming the transaction on the blockchain, you can immediately withdraw funds. Confirmation usually does not exceed 30 seconds.

Permanent contract and up to 100 times leverage

Perpetual contracts are the most popular trading tool in the world of cryptocurrency derivatives. DMEX Provide perpetual contracts for all currency pairs, leverage up to 100 times, comparable financing interest rates are equivalent to industry standards, and transaction fees as low as 0.05% (depending on the size of your order).

BTC/ETH/DAI as margin currency

DMEX It is the first DEX to allow BTC as a margin currency. This can be achieved due to the direct integration of pTokens Bridge into the DMEX smart contract. In choosing to use BTC as a margin currency, you will get a BTC deposit address, and all funds sent to it are tokenized and deposited to DMEX, while you still hold full supervision of Bitcoin all the time. For more detailed information about BTC integration, see:

And, if you want to protect yourself from price fluctuations, why not use DAI as a margin currency? DAI is a stable currency whose value is 1:1 pegged to the US dollar.

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DMEX It is completely anonymous. You do not need to enter any personal information to trade on DMEX. Just generate a wallet or use an existing wallet, store the private key in a safe place, and you can conduct unlimited transactions.

Non-custodial fund storage

All funds on DMEX are always kept by users. The DMEX team has no right to use user funds. Only those who hold the wallet’s private key can trade and withdraw funds from the exchange. Holding funds on DMEX is as safe as holding funds in a wallet.

Oral price feed

All expiration and clearing are performed using verbal (decentralized) price feeds from trusted exchanges such as Bitstamp and Binance. The DMEX team cannot manipulate the expiration price or liquidation price of your position, it comes directly from the reference exchange.

Simulated transaction

DMEX provides simulated trading options. Deposit the test funds into your wallet immediately and start trading on the test network.

Small spreads, high liquidity

DMEX provides access to the industry’s leading liquidity providers, which allows extremely low spreads and high liquidity, which means slippage will not be a problem. DMEX.

development team

DMEX It has been on the market since June 2019, and it is now the 5th iteration of the basic smart contract infrastructure, and the loss of funds due to vulnerabilities or hackers is zero. DMEX was developed by an experienced team that runs a large centralized Bitcoin exchange and later released Ethernet DEX In 2018, EtherDelta was improved. Compared with the existing centralized options, this gives them the ability to provide a stable and secure trading environment and substantial product improvements.

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If you are looking for a safe place to trade cryptocurrency derivatives without going through KYC procedures, and you can withdraw funds at any time even when the possibility of website downtime is small, no further search is required. DMEX It seems to be a platform with great potential, especially considering the recent crackdown on centralized derivatives exchanges, which has prompted more and more traders to turn to decentralized alternatives.

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