Disney + Hotstar has announced that it will release a list of 26 games on its Disney + Hotstar Premium platform in November 2020. The largest of these is the horror comedy Laxmii led by Akshay Kumar, which will be released on Disney + Hotstar on November 9. Elsewhere, we launched a new Mickey Mouse series in “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse”, which will premiere on Disney + Hotstar on November 18. “Star Wars” will receive a new animated special in the “Lego Star Wars Holiday Special” released on November 17. We have two documentary series that take us to Pixar (called “Inside Pixar” and will be dropped on November 13), one of which explores the fanaticism of wonders and historical comics (the one is called Marvel 616, which will be released in November Arrived on the 20th).

This can be done for major Disney+ original works, but also thanks to Disney subsidiaries. Starting from the 20th TV station, we got “A Teacher” led by Kate Mara, which is a small series expansion of the film, which will be on Hulu in the US and Disney + Hotstar in India Broadcast. A teacher will start teaching on November 11. Starting from the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), we will return to the 17th season of “Gray Anatomy” (probably the last one), and “Big Sky”, which is the Boston Law Company and the creator of “Big and Small Lies” David A new detective program by David E. Kelley. . The 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy will begin on November 13, and Big Sky will make its debut on Disney + Hotstar on November 18.

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What we have left are two new entries from HBO. “Industry” is a brand new British drama series that feels like “Happiness” and “Inheritance” meet. The film will start broadcasting on Disney + Hotstar on November 10. The fantasy epic “Dark Matter” will return for the second season in India on November 17.

The Mandalorian season 2 also lasted in November, which was seen as a chance for Disney to redeem itself after the collapse of the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy.

In terms of sports, football fans will air the Premier League in November, while the Indian Premier League (IPL), a cricket tournament also named Twenty20, will conclude its 2020 season in Dubai on November 13 (due to the coronavirus).

All the content in the list below (except Laxmii) is exclusive to Disney + Hotstar Premium, and the price is Rs. 299 rupees per month. 1,499 a year. Therefore, this is a list of movies and TV shows that will be shown on Disney + Hotstar in November 2020 (under development). The original Disney+ is marked in bold for your convenience.

November 1
Our Cartoon President: Season 3, every week

November 2
Family Male: Season 19, weekly
Cancellation: limited series, weekly

November 3
Dirty Rich: Season 1, Weekly
John Oliver (John Oliver) Last Tonight Tonight: Season 7, Every Week

November 6
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Magic: Season 1,weekly
The Mandalorian: Season 2,weekly
Disney Day Tour: Season 1,weekly
The Right Thing: Season 1,weekly
Weird but True: Season 3 Finale

November 7
Warrior: Season 2, every week

November 9

November 10
Industry: Season 1, every week
Interact with Bill Maher in real time: Season 18, weekly

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November 11
Teacher: Season 1, every week
neXt: Season 1, every week
This is us: Season 5, every week

November 13
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17, every week
Inside Pixar: Season 1, All episodes
The Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Season 1 Finale

November 17
His dark profile: Season 2, every week
Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

November 18
Big Sky: Season 1, every week
The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse: Season 1,weekly

November 20
Marvel 616: Season 1, All episodes
Disney Day Tour: Season 1 Finale
The right thing: Season 1 finale

November 27
Black beauty

November 30
Cancellation: the end of a limited series