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Disney + Hotstar launches “Watch with your friends”-only available for IPL

Disney+ Hotstar has introduced the “Watch with Friends” feature, which allows you to make video calls with friends and family while watching cricket. This only applies to the Indian Premier League. This is a strange timing. It only takes two games to achieve this goal. This is the rest of the 2020 IPL season, arriving together on weekends, ahead of the capital of Delhi vs. Draba. With this technology now, it may be used in cricket or other sports in the future, but Disney + Hotstar told Advertisement Shout that so far, this is a special offer for IPL.

To set it up, play in an IPL live match-Tuesday’s 2020 IPL final is your only option-and click “Start Video Call”. This option is only available on devices in portrait mode, which means you cannot watch the game in full screen. With Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch with Friends”, you can add up to five friends. After a friend joins the board, you will be able to use the volume knob to comment on the game and talk to your friend, so you can determine which one to prefer. If the video call requirements are too high, just select the “audio only” option.

Technically, you can use a third-party video chat client (such as Zoom or Google Meet) to accomplish all of these operations, but you may experience synchronization issues. This is especially annoying for live sports. Asking someone to react to your previous ticket gate or border is not a fun thing, because their process takes a few seconds ahead. Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch with your friends” will handle this, synchronizing everyone’s video stream to ensure that all of you are watching the game together-anyway, in general.

There is no doubt that Disney + Hotstar’s “Watch with your friends” has become non-live content. Add it to the list of differences between Disney + Hotstar and Disney +. The Disney+ app has a “GroupWatch” feature that allows you to watch any title on the service with friends and family.

Disney + Hotstar focuses on the social experience, while live sports events can play a role in technology. The application suffers from three important aspects: bit rate, frames per second and resolution. The average speed of Disney+Hotstar live sports shows is only 3Mbps, which makes the feed lack of details and look like pixelated on the big screen. And it does not support 60fps (which should be standard), and does not provide 4K resolution for sports content.

Sunil Rayan, President and President of Disney+ Hotstar, said in an emailed statement: “We know that the true magic of cricket comes to life in the company of family and friends. This is difficult to do in today’s era of social alienation.” “Ours The product team accepted this challenge and provided users with a unique social viewing experience while ensuring that the cricket viewing experience remains seamless. “Watching with friends” is an exciting new concept that can virtually replicate offline behavior And will forever change the way fans experience cricket.”

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