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Director Kate Herron said that Rocky is my important love letter to science fiction

Rocky Episode 1-now playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar-introduces Marvel fans to an all-round new agency called the Time Difference Administration (TVA). Rocky Director Kate Herron (Kate Herron) focused on the brutalist architecture that appeared in Britain in the 1950s to portray the hometown of TVA and blended it with a series of iconic sci-fi works, such as Brazil, Blade Runner and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.Herron says Rocky It’s her “great love letter to science fiction.”This even extends to RockyThe scores-provided by Natalie Holt-Herron wants the instrument Thereman to work.In fact, she Rocky Introduce “The Swan” by Thereman expert Clara Rockmore to Marvel Pictures. In view of the connection between Loki and Nordic mythology, Holt mixed it with Nordic musical instruments.

“In terms of aesthetics, I just want Rocky It’s like this big love letter to science fiction, so I stole something from everyone,” Herron said with a smile, talking to reporters through Zoom. “But I’ll say I believe people will see Brazil, Blade Runner, Alien, [and] The book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I think this is just because we are going to this very interesting place that transcends time and space. This is not the past, nor the future, TVA. So I thought,’Okay, how can I show this?Because it’s almost like this [Las] Las Vegas is like an office space. In a sense, there is no night without day.

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“And I did draw a lot from the comics because they have these amazing images, like rows of tables going into infinity. In the first episode, when Loki looks at the viewpoint, you will see this. This It’s like an office the size of a city, endless. I think I must have been inspired by these. And, just trying to bring a certain degree of reality to this strange office. In a sense, I really don’t want it It feels like super futuristic. I think it’s more interesting to draw inspiration from these different eras, such as Fauvist architecture. I think this is really a complement to Timekeepers, because they look down on TVA like God, and like in The western style is the same, very heroic and very elegant. I think the heroism that represents TVA is very interesting.”

Herron added: “There was music, so when I first pitched to Marvel, I had this playlist, and I had a song on that playlist, which is Clara Rockmore’s “Swan “(The Swan). This is like a Thereman-style cover, I know I kind of hope that Thereman will be played in our sheet music in some way, because I drew inspiration from a lot of science fiction references. But other than that Outside, like I remember when I met [Holt], This is amazing. She was like, “I hope the music score is inspired by Loki’s personality”, which immediately connected with me. It’s like opera and bold, it’s really different.

“And I like science fiction, so I am very excited about her using different ticking sounds. You can hear Tremen, but she also mixes it with these Nordic instruments because that represents Rocky. She is a genius. , Basically, like my answer to the score. This definitely motivated me because she joined us when we were closed due to COVID. She sent me some tracks and it would give me some ideas like ‘ Oh, I can cover the scene in this way, and I can do it with the camera.’ I think working with her is really an amazing collaboration.

Rocky Episode 1 has been aired on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. Rocky Episode 2 will be released globally on June 16th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time / 12 AM Pacific Rocky One episode is broadcast every Wednesday until July 14. in India, Rocky Available in English and Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions will be launched soon.

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