Since its release in early April, Outriders have been plagued by problems, but after a new patch was released last weekend, a bug (clearing all your inventory) has come to the forefront. Several Outriders players reported that they had lost up to 100 hours of progress due to the “manifest erasure” error, which eliminated all their precious “epic” and “legendary” items. Outsourcing developer People Can Fly said that repairing inventory erasure is their “top priority” and they will also work hard to recover lost items-with some warnings.

“We realize and deeply regret that some users continue to experience inventory erasure. We are doing our best to resolve this issue, both on the server side and on the game side. Our plan is still to restore all affected accounts,” The Outriders support team is writing A tweet It will be released on Saturday after the PS5 patch is released. On Reddit, People Can Fly acknowledged that since the patch was released, the list removal vulnerabilities have become more prominent, which is the direct opposite of what was claimed before the patch was released.

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Inventory erasure potential repair in peripheral areas

“Earlier today, we applied additional precautions to the server to prevent inventory wipes. These reduced the occurrence of this problem, but we are continuing to lock in other countermeasures,” the Outriders team Tweet on Sunday. “If you encounter this problem, you can use a potential preventive method to protect yourself: when you find that the gear has disappeared, immediately close the game forcibly, and then restart the game.”

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Then later on Sunday, Outriders publisher Square Enix added content on Reddit: “We have deployed other server changes to prevent this problem from occurring, and we think this should be reduced drastically now, but we are still keeping close Follow the report.”

Inventory erasure recovery in peripheral areas

It is not clear whether the Outriders list removal error has reduced the frequency, but this does not help everyone who has lost everything. It said People Can Fly has not yet set a date for the restoration process-it will be in the “coming week”-and cannot guarantee that everything will be restored to its original condition. Only the most valuable items (“Epic” and “Legend”) are restored, and these restored items may not have “the exact same statistics as the lost items”.

The last point is that the cooperation with the Outriders community is not smooth. Weapon drops in the game are random, which means that even if you repeatedly perform the same task, the items you get will have different attributes (such as damage, accuracy, stability, and fragment size). Now, these people have spent dozens of hours trying to obtain the most suitable weapon for them. It is not enough for them to obtain the same weapon by name alone, because it cannot reach the level of their own weapons.

Reddit user Ok_Entertainment_112 wrote on Saturday: “Everything is gone, 94 hours are lost, and the complete build is almost lost. This is a joke.” Academician Redditor Wolphoenix said in his post: “Adios Outriders, inventory cleanup and Not being able to load into my 80-hour main pipeline is my last straw.”

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Outriders are available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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