Krafton, a South Korean company affiliated with PUBG, announced on Thursday that it will use Battlegrounds Mobile India as its dedicated game for the Indian market. The new battle royale game is touted to bring you a premium AAA multiplayer experience, as well as unique in-game activities such as costumes and features. The company said in a press statement that Battlegrounds Mobile India will also make its debut with its own e-sports ecosystem, which will include tournaments and leagues. In addition to announcing details about Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton also released a video trailer about the new game, suggesting similarities with PUBG Mobile, which was banned in the country last year.

Krafton said that Battlegrounds Mobile India will pre-register before the official launch in India. This new game is expected to be sold exclusively in India, and its logo will use a three-color theme to attract Indian mobile gamers.

The company said: “Krafton will work with partners to build an e-sports ecosystem while regularly bringing game content, first by announcing a series of Indian-specific in-game events at the time of launch, and then announcing it later.”

The company also claims that all data collection and storage of Battlegrounds Mobile India will fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in India and players in that country. This may be in response to government concerns about PUBG Mobile’s data privacy and security, which eventually led to its ban in September last year.

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