According to reports, despite the continuing security risks to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, its host Genpact forced the Facebook host to return to the office. According to reports, Genpact is a third-party contracting company responsible for handling Facebook’s audit business. The company has been asking its employees to return to the Hyderabad office as early as July. Genpact claims that due to privacy issues and other technical obstacles, most of Facebook’s audit services need to be performed in the office. The report also listed some of the company’s senior moderators, who said that if they choose not to return to work, their work will be at risk.

According to a report from other parts of the world, Genpact asked employees to return to their offices in the HITEC City Technical Center in Hyderabad. Genpact is one of the companies that Facebook outsources to take care of its global auditing business. According to the report, the company employs nearly 1,600 Facebook moderators.

Genpact claims that due to privacy and technical considerations, it needs to take care of Facebook’s review service when working in the office. Genpact told other parts of the world that work in the office is voluntary. A Genpact spokesperson said: “In order to make this situation manageable, safe and clear, employees need to sign a weekly form that requires their voluntary consent.”

The publication also interviewed four current and former Genpact employees. They said anonymously that the moderator was required to return to the office as early as July to “handle sensitive content, including issues involving child exploitation, suicide, and other issues that may cause actual harm. -World hazards.” India implemented strict lockdown rules between March and May as a preventive measure against COVID-19. By July, the country had entered the second phase of unlocking, namely “Unlock 2.0”. At that time, certain restrictions were relaxed, but lockdown measures were still implemented in the containment area, and curfews were still imposed in most areas.

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The report also quoted a senior host from Genpact who said that employees were told that if they choose not to return to work, their jobs may be dangerous. “The operations team told them that these are important orders. There are threats behind them. [it]. The host said that even if they were not satisfied, they had to go to work.

Gadget 360 has contacted Genpact to respond. This report will be updated after receiving the response.

As early as August, due to the pandemic, Facebook allowed its company employees (non-third parties) to continue working from home until July 2021, and would provide them with $1,000 (approximately Rs 75,000) for home office needs. Other technology giants, including Google, have also taken similar measures to ensure employee safety.

A Facebook spokesperson told Advertisement Shout, “Our focus on reopening any office is how to ensure the safety of our reviewers. To this end, we will take strict health and safety measures to ensure that these measures have been followed, and that any Confirmed cases of disease.”

We also contacted Facebook to ask other consulting companies, such as Accenture, whether it has begun requiring its employees to return to the office to process Facebook reviews. After receiving a response, we will update this space.

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