A Deloitte report shows that the pandemic has increased the use of common devices in American homes to 25, up from 11 in 2019, including laptops, smartphones, streaming media devices, smart TVs, headsets, and game consoles .

The family has become an activity center for children to learn and play games online, and for adults to work at home, handle video calls, digital shopping, and virtual doctor appointments.

Paul Silverglate, vice chairman of Deloitte, a multinational professional services company, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic is like a time machine that suddenly propelled us into the next few decades.”

“It changes the way we interact with connected devices, ultimately helping consumers, healthcare providers, education professionals, technology innovators and others adapt, innovate and flourish in our daily lives,” he said.

Fitness has become a key theme in the Deloitte survey, with 58% of households owning smart watches or fitness trackers, and 14% of device owners purchased their fitness equipment after the pandemic began.

Approximately 55% of people use their gadgets to measure walking steps and athletic performance, track heart health, and monitor sleep and calories.

Despite the increase in the number of devices, one-third of the respondents admitted that they are overwhelmed by the devices and subscriptions that need to be managed.

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