Delhi announced on Tuesday that it will impose a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am until April 30 to curb the new increase in positive COVID-19 cases in the country’s capital. Essentially, this means that only people who provide basic services can travel during these time periods. However, for these people, it is essential to obtain an electronic pass for unlimited activities. The Delhi government publishes these electronic passes through a web portal, and the electronic passes are only required for travel within a limited time. See who can apply for an e-pass and how to apply online.

Who can apply for an electronic pass

According to the order of the Delhi government, people who sell basic commodities such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, milk and medicine will be allowed to walk around after obtaining an electronic pass. Similarly, people working in print and electronic media organizations are only allowed to move if they have an electronic pass. In addition, private doctors, nurses and medical staff can also show valid identification documents to travel during curfew hours.

Passengers travelling to and from the airport, train station and bus station will also be allowed to travel after presenting a valid ticket. Pregnant women and patients undergoing treatment can travel between 10pm and 5am. Banks, insurance offices, ATMs, gasoline pumps, liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, oil and natural gas retail and storage outlets will be open for restricted time.

“Also allow officials/officials of the Indian government, its autonomous/subordinate offices and public companies, as well as officials/officials of the Delhi GNCT/officials of autonomous agencies/companies involved in emergency services such as health and family welfare and related to medical institutions.” Travel within time”, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) ordered. Persons working in the offices of diplomats of various countries and persons holding any constitutional positions in the production of valid identity documents.

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How to apply for an e-pass to travel during the curfew in Delhi

  1. In order to apply for an electronic pass, people working in the aforementioned areas must visit the Delhi government website and click Click here to apply for a curfew ePass from 10:00 PM to 05:00 AM.

  2. Choose the language you want to use, then Choose an electronic pass for night curfew travel From the drop-down menu.

  3. Fill in the details, such as your phone number, name, area, and residence or address.

  4. Next, you need to select the type of service from the list in the drop-down menu, such as media, basic services (such as groceries, medicine).

  5. You also need to fill in the details to obtain an electronic pass.

  6. Upload ID proof (maximum file size: 4MB), and any other documents such as business cards, store/business license (maximum file size: 4MB).

  7. Check the confirmation button, then submit Your application. After completing this operation, you will be given an electronic pass reference number, which can be used to check whether you have obtained an electronic pass on the same website.

On April 7, Delhi recorded more than 5,000 new COVID-19 cases. In India, as of that date, more than 115,000 new COVID-19 cases have been registered. A report quoted officials with knowledge of the developments as saying that the Magistrate in Delhi received at least 30,000 applications on Tuesday to exempt the city’s curfew on Tuesday.

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