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Decentralized crowdfunding platform Rocket Launchpad launched in the Tezos ecosystem – Press release Bitcoin News

Press release: Rocket Launchpad is launching a Tezos-based IDO platform that allows users to invest in the latest Tezos-based projects.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands —— Recently, several high-profile partnerships have emerged in the Tezos ecosystem, including collaborations with McLaren and Red Bull Racing. Since its launch, the total number of projects currently using Tezos has increased to 135. As its popularity continues to rise, there is a steady demand for effective means to support early projects in the ecosystem. Rocket launch pad We are providing solutions for the development of Tezos-based projects, aiming to maintain and develop the rapid pace of development of the ecosystem.

Rocket Launchpad is a decentralized initial DEX product (IDO) platform built on the Tezos blockchain. It provides an effective and safe method for the rapidly growing Tezos project. The platform will be launched in August, and its native token $RCKT will carry out corresponding token sales.

What is a rocket launch pad?

Rocket launch pad Enable users to participate in pre-sales and early mobile agriculture of projects in the Tezos ecosystem using an easy-to-use interface. The launchpad will also thoroughly review the code of each project to ensure that each project is safe, scalable and achieves the founder’s goals. Rocket Launchpad aims to use this guarantee to open up a larger resource pool for investment and support of the ecosystem.

Specifically, early investors using Rocket Launchpad will encounter Layered system – Known as the “Rover Mission” – As a platform to participate in IDO launches. The Rover Missions tiered system allows users to access the new Tezos-based project IDO by staking their $RCKT. The more RCKT dollars a user holds, the better their chances of gaining pre-sale access to the startup pool.

Naturally, each of the three main levels is themed around space, including:

  • Triangle seat – Only bet up to 25,000 RCKT to qualify,
  • Milky Way – You can bet up to 250,000 RCKT to qualify,
  • Andromeda – Bet up to 2,500,000 RCKT to qualify.

All projects pass the sealed rocket review Submission process, IDO launched on Rocket Launchpad is safe for all interested investors. Rocket never handles any funds to ensure that it uses as decentralized methods as possible.In addition, Rocket Launchpad uses crispy Deep Freezer guarantees that subscribing to the platform is still a trustless and decentralized process.

Finally, when a project uses Rocket Launchpad for IDO, the platform requires them to lock 30% to 75% of the liquidity provided to Crunchy’s deep freezers for a pre-specified period of time. In fact, this ensures that the IDO host will not use these funds to escape within the specified time period.

Rocket Launchpad is guiding the Tezos ecosystem

indeed, Rocket launch pad I have seen its first success before IDO. In July 2021, Rocket Launchpad launched GOeureka Travel, a project designed to revolutionize the way we book travel. Its native token $GOT aims to use a fixed 5% commission structure to improve the cost efficiency of travel enthusiasts. During the IDO launch, Rocket Launchpad witnessed the highest price of $97,251 XTZ (valued at $278,000 at the time) was exchanged for $GOT, which marked the first time the platform was sold out.

also, Cooperation with, The Rocket Launch Pad formed the “Dream Team”. The first planned IDO will be launched on the platform in mid-August, offering $20,000,000 in GIF tokens and raising a total of $100,000 in XTZ. Users can access the IDO through the above-mentioned layer-based mortgage model.

The future of rocket launch pads

For Rocket Launchpad, this year is full of development goals. In the second quarter of 2021, the team completed the goal of completing the initial $RCKT private sales, smart contract completion/testing, and IDO project onboarding. These milestones laid the foundation for the development of the roadmap in the third and fourth quarters.

In the next quarter, $RCKT mortgage, LP mortgage (30% of APY), marketing and the first planned IDO release ($GIF) will be launched. In order to determine the future of Rocket Launchpad and its establishment in the Tezos ecosystem, the fourth quarter will see fully audited smart contracts, insurance-backed contracts, and IDO funding pools for baking services.

For more information on how Rocket Launchpad and its IDO platform guide the Tezos ecosystem, please visit their website.

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